7-inch series, part 684 – Super Special Combo

Super Special Combo – Bin Bo Bula Aden
label: Tumba
year: 1975
side a: Bin Bo Bula Aden
side b: Drente

Super Special Combo - Bin Bo Bula Aden

Another one stolen from my mother rescued from my mum’s record collection which is now non-existent. Super Special Combo became Rei di Tumba in 1975 with “Bin Bo Bula Aden”, King of the Tumba, which is part of the Tumba festival held every year on the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao) of the Dutch Antilles. And that’s about all I know about the band.

As said, the single originally belonged to my mum, but it’s mine now. Actually this here piece of vinyl was the reason for me to kidnap the 45s and take them home with me. As you can see on the pic, the record is broken on one side, which explains the ticks throughout both songs. When I saw what my negligent mother (as far as her vinyls were concerned, she raised me and my brothers just fine thank you very much) had done, or rather, not done to it my decision was quickly made. I mean, if it had happened to one, it could happen to all of them, right? And we wouldn’t want that now, would we?