7-inch series, part 672 – Stijn

Stijn – Ziek
label: Labels
year: 2004
side a: Ziek
side b: Lickapella |

Stijn – Hot & Sweaty
label: Labels
year: 2006
side a: Hot & Sweaty
side b: Hallo Imago

Stijn was quite a revelation when I first saw him play at the Motel Mozaique fest in Rotterdam. I was already living in Antwerp, Stijn’s hometown, by then but it had to be a Dutch venue where my Stijn-deflowering took place. He was the star of the evening and the highlight of the festival, together with Animal Collective who weren’t hip yet and still really good. Stijn was on the verge of becoming hip as well, and rightly so. He played the crowd like it was something he did every day and his Prince-like songs and great sense of humour was refreshing.

Several gigs and two albums later I had grown a bit tired of him. Didn’t really seem to get out of that same routine, or maybe it was just me.

Still like the “Ziek” single a lot though, especially the B-side. Too bad it’s fucked, with loads of scratches and so on, which were there from the beginning by the road, but still.

Report on the man by Belgian online mag Cutting Edge. It’s in Dutch. Or Flemish, which is Dutch. So it’s in Dutch. Shut up.