7-inch series, part 667 – Spiritualized®/Mercury Rev

Spiritualized®/Mercury Rev – Good Dope, Good Fun/Boy Peel Out
label: Greenpeace Records ApS
year: 1993
side a: Spiritualized® – Good Dope, Good Fun
side b: Mercury Rev – Boy Peel Out | |

Split single by two great bands. Don’t remember where I got it from or when, but I probably bought it without even listening to it because, well, it’s Spiritualized® AND Mercury Rev, innit? Old Mercury Rev, too, with David Baker singing. The single was released coinciding with Spiritualized®’s 1993 Electric Mainline Tour, but, more importantly, all profits from its sales went/are going (?) to Greenpeace, which at the time was campaigning (to no avail) against the opening of THORP, a nuclear waste facility at Sellafield. It comes in a nice little booklet with artwork by both bands.

Video of Spiritualized® playing “Lay Back in the Sun” live (which is another version of “Good Dope, Good Fun”).

And here’s a video of my favourite ever Mercury Rev song, “Carwash Hair”.