7-inch Series, part 739 – Bart Davenport

Bart Davenport – Someone 2 Dance
label: Smile/Antenna Farm
year: 2012
side a: Someone 2 Dance
side b: Cheap Words

7" Series 739: Bart Davenport – Someone 2 Dance

I met Bart Davenport when I worked at Lovemonk, when he recorded the utterly fantastic Incarnations record with Bing Ji Ling and Daniel Collás. But I had actually met him almost 20 years earlier already, when he was part of The Loved Ones and I was working for the European distributor of their label. Small world.

He has since been involved with loads of different bands and projects, such as Honeycut, The Kinetics, producing other artists such as the lovely Linda Mirada, but most of all he’s been working hard on his own solo career for the past ten years, releasing several solo albums.

These two tracks were produced by Sam Flax, who’s also producing Davenport’s upcoming album, and who’s got an album out himself, Age Waves, which is rather good (out on vinyl next week w00t!).