7-inch series, part 599 – Rock Steady Crew

Rock Steady Crew – (Hey You) The Rocksteady Crew
label: Virgin
year: 1983
side a: (Hey You) The Rocksteady Crew
side b: (Hey You) The Rocksteady Crew (Instrumental Version)


My memory is somewhat blurry on this one. As I remember it my schoolbuddy and neighbour Rody started doing this breakdancing and skating stuff when we were still in primary school. This song goes with that memory, but it’s from 1983 so we were already in secondary. Anyway, I was really into the music but my breakdancing was not all that, so I used to just hop from one foot to the other ina disco fashan, looking on with my belly aching for all the female attention I was missing out on. I was also cautiously exploring the reggae business by then, driven by my fondness of all things Doe Maar. Rody and I drifted apart (we weren’t attending the same schools anymore) – he went on to do all kinds of cool stuff like skating, graffiti writing and rapping, I was just a lazy bastard and started spending money on records and pleasure sigs.

I think this is the only single they ever released. The other day I was telling a colleague about Crazy Legs, the one remaining original member of the Manhattan chapter (the first Rock Steady Crew was from the Bronx, the Manhattan crew was formed by former Bronx-member Crazy Legs, with permission from the other two members). It was about how Crazy Legs performed as a stand-in for Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. My colleague didn’t believe me, but it’s on the interweb so it’s true.

Rock Steady Crew are still around, with chapters in Las Vegas, Orlando and Los Angeles and members in Japan, UK, Italy and Canada.

Video of “(Hey you) The Rocksteady Crew”.