12 Years Of Chezlubacov

12 Years Of Chezlubacov

So yes, it was 12 years ago yesterday. I lit a candle. It was great.
To celebrate, here’s a mixtape featuring two songs I like from each year.
You can download the 320 mp3 here if you want, or you can listen on Mixcloud. Or even on Spotify, though not all tracks are available there, I’m afraid.

Broadcast – Unchanging Window (2000)
Motorpsycho – The Other Fool (2000)
Bran Van 3000 – Astounded (2001)
Bilal – Fast Lane (2001)
Ms. Dynamite – Dy-Na-Mi-Tee (2002)
Horsepower Productions – Fat Larry’s Skank (2002)
Dizzee Rascal – Fix Up, Look Sharp (2003)
Rednose Distrikt – Hoor’s (2003)
Kode9 + Daddi Gee – Sign Of The Dub (2004)
Colder – Crazy Love (2004)
Burial – Southern Comfort (2005)
Idjut Boys – Main Balls (2005)
The Black Angels – Young Men Dead (2006)
Alela Diane – The Pirate’s Gospel (2006)
Candie Payne – I Wish I Could Have Loved You More (2007)
Commix Feat. Steve Spacek – How You Gonna Feel (2007)
Son Of Dave – Low Rider (2008)
The Chap – Proper Rock (2008)
Major Lazer Feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore – Cash Flow (2009)
Red – The Man Without the Machine – I Should Tell Ya Momma On You (2009)
Die Antwoord – Fish Paste (2010)
Chromatics – In The City (2010)
Egyptrixx – Naples (2011)
PJ Harvey – The Words That Maketh Murder (2011)
Blackie & The Oohoos – Young Running Wild Ones (2012)
Gum – Anna Sang & Alison (2012)


7-inch Series, part 750 – Dungen

750! That’s a party, right? Right?
Oh, okay.

Dungen – Öga, Näsa, Mun
label: Third Man (The Vault)
year: 2011 |
side a: Öga, Näsa, Mun
side b: Highway Wolf

7" Series 750: Dungen – Öga, Näsa, Mun

I love Dungen. I think I discovered them when I was writing for Kindamuzik, their album Ta Det Lugnt was on high rotation at casa Lubacov during all of that year. Bought every LP they released since then, I only need to get their first two records, but their sold out like a motherfucker, and people on Discogs are asking a lot of ca$h for them, which I haven’t got (and wouldn’t want to pay, for that matter).

This is one they recorded for Third Man Records’ Blue Series last year.

By the way, band members Johan Holmegard and Reine Fiske are also in The Amazing, who are brilliant, too. They’ve got a couple of albums out on the wonderful Subliminal Sounds, and they’re touring with Tame Impala at the moment. How hip is that?


7-inch series, part 700 – Johnny Clarke

700! That’s a party, right? Right?
Oh, okay.

Johnny Clarke – Legalise It
label: Archive
year: 1976/2009
side a: Legalise It
side b: Legal Dub (by King Tubby)

Johnny Clarke - Legalise It

Great rendition of Peter Tosh’ classic anthem and a typical DLHWI record. And what about that wonderful dub version? Stunning, my friend.

Here’s a video of “Johnny Clarke live in the studio:


7-inch series, part 666 – Spinvis/LPG

666! That’s a party, right? Right?
Oh, okay.

Spinvis/LPG – Goochelaars & Geesten/Sparrow
label: Excelsior
year: 2004
side a: Spinvis – Goochelaars & Geesten
side b: LPG – Sparrow | |

Part of the Dutch blogosphere went crazy when Spinvis started surfacing. The songs from his fantastic first album were all over the place and rightly so. It didn’t take long for the the 42 year old mailman to break through to a larger audience and become the ultra modest star that he is now. Or is he, still? I don’t really know because I’m a bit out of touch with the Dutch music scene. He came to the club I was working at in Antwerp a couple of years ago to perform with Dutch writer Simon Vinkenoog, who passed away half a year ago and it was awesome. Still, I have never witnessed a proper Spinvis concert.

This single was a special split single with another Dutch band LPG, with beautiful artwork by design studio DEBOKOFHETLOKET, released in limited edition of 500 copies (which in the record bizz these days is not so very limited, sadly) on the fabulous Excelsior label.

Video for LPG’s “Sparrow”. It’s about two bears, oddly enough.


7-inch series, part 650 – Patti Smith Group

650! That’s a party, right? Right?
Oh, okay.

Patti Smith Group – Because the Night
label: Arista
year: 1978
side a: Because the Night
side b: God Speed


One of those tracks I had to play almost every Friday at the place where I started spinning rekkids at the tender age of sixteen. In the early hours, before the young’uns would arrive, there was always some older regular asking for this song. And it was policy to play everything the people asked for (provided we had the tunes, of course), as it was to announce every song preferrably with something “funny” added to it, which made for some pretty cheesy tapes (I recorded a couple of the sessions, still have the tapes somewhere).

So I pretty much learned the lyrics of this track by heart, like the code under which the 45 was filed in the enormous 7″ cabinet. It has been more than twenty years (oh dear) so I don’t remember the code anymore, but most of the lyrics of “Because the Night” are still there. I bought the single for sentimental reasons I guess, but also because I like it. It’s on the Easter album, and B-side “God Speed” was added to the CD re-issue as a bonus track. I think I saw her play live once at some festival, Torhout-Werchter maybe?

Damn I’m old.

Here’s a video of Patti Smith doing an acapella version of “Because the Night” in Hopenhagen, 2008.


7-inch series, part 550 – Poets Of Rhythm/Budos Band

550! That’s a party, right? Right?

Poets Of Rhythm – Summerdays
label: Gomma
year: 2003
side a: Summerdays
side b: Summerdays (Instrumental)


Poets Of Rhythm/Budos Band – More Mess on My Thing/Budos Theme
label: Freestyle
year: 2006
side a: Poets Of Rhythm – More Mess on My Thing
side b: Budos Band – Budos Theme


I got the “Summerdays” 45 from my buddy David L. “Great track for a laidback mixtape”, he said. And so it is. On the Freestyle 7″ the German band is coupled with another great combo, from New York, Budos Band. Two representatives of the old school funk bands that have been popping up over the last couple of (well, ten or so) years. Poets Of Rhythm are also involved in many other projects such as The Whitefield Brothers, Bo Baral’s Excursionists of Perception, Syrup, The Mercy Sluts and Karl Hector & The Malcouns. Zey rock.


7-inch series, part 500 – The Pebbles

500! That’s a party, right? Right?

The Pebbles – Rock Concert
label: Planet Pimp
year: 1993
side a: I Wanna Be Loved by You
side b: We’re Going Shopping

Now these Pebbles I love. Technically a lot less gifted than yesterday’s Pebbles, but all the more fun. This is one of the two singles they released on Planet Pimp. Can’t find a whole lot more on the Japanese all-gril band, so I don’t know if they released any more rekkids.


7-inch serie, deel 450 – New Young Pony Club

450! Dat is een feestje, toch? Toch?

New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream
label: Modular
jaar: 2007
kant a: Ice Cream
kant b: Fade in That Blank |


Schattig popliedje van een band wier album Fantastic Playroom ik vorig jaar heb grijsgedraaid. En nog steeds geregeld opleg, want ik heb een zwak voor simpele popliedjes als deze. De b-kant van deze single staat daar overigens niet op, which is nice.


7-inch serie, deel 400 – M|A|R|R|S

400! Dat is een feestje, toch? Toch?

M|A|R|R|S – Pump up the Volume
label: 4AD
jaar: 1987
kant a: Pump up the Volume
kant b: Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance)


Klassieker en tevens de enige twee tracks die M|A|R|R|S, een samenwerking van Colourbox, A.R. Kane (die ruzie kregen terwijl de nummers in de maak waren), John Fryer (van This Mortal Coil), CJ Mackintosh en Dave Dorrell (beide in Nasty Rox), ooit maakte. Colourbox maakte de titeltrack, waarna de heren van A.R. Kane hun dingetje toevoegden, en voor de b-kant geldt het omgekeerde. De scratches en een groot deel van de samples kwamen van Mackintosh en Dorrell, Fryer was de producer. Het was de allereerste Britse househit en zat vol met niet-geclearde samples, wat leidde tot een rechtszaak hier en daar (o.a. aangespannen door Stock, Aitken &amp Waterman, het producerstrio achter mensen als Rick Astley, Samantha Fox en Kwijl Inmenoog) en een gedwongen nieuwe versie van de single. De beer was echter los, en Groot-Brittannië sloeg massaal aan het samplen, met alle gevolgen vandien.

De video werd gemaakt door de Duvet Brothers:


7-inch serie, deel 350 – The Equals

350! Dat is een feestje, toch? Toch?

The Equals – Funky Funky
label: President
jaar: 1972
kant a: Funky Funky
kant b: Let’s Do It Again


In elke tweedehandsplatenwinkel waar ik kom verzuipt men in de Equals-singles. Ik kom ze meestal tegen in verschillende bakken onder verschillende rubrieken, honderden. Behalve die ene waar ik naar op zoek ben: “Funky Like a Train”. Ik heb hem vorig jaar gedownload bij Monsieur Willy (klik op het plaatje) en sindsdien klinkt hij vaak bij mijn schatje in de auto op een tape’je dat ik voor haar heb opgenomen. En in mijn hoofd. Ik kan hem wel via het net kopen, maar voor meerdere tientjes, dus ik wacht nog even. Uiteindelijk zal ik het wel doen als ik hem echt nergens irl vind. update 14 april: gevonden! op 12″, dus de extended version, des te beter dusch eigenlijk.

Tegen beter weten in hoopte ik dat deze “Funky Funky” hem was (ik kon hem niet luisteren in de winkel waar ik hem kocht). Hij is sowieso leuk, alleen niet zo leuk als “Funky Like a Train”.