Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re back

Back from never been gone, as we say in the old country. And back from a little bizz trip to Warsaw, London and Brighton. I had never been to Brighton before, and even though we were only there for a day, it seemed like a very nice city. Visited the good people over at Tru Thoughts HQ and had lunch with the simpáticos of Five Missions More at the exquisite Bill’s café. Bought a couple records there, too, including one by the late great Rogier van Otterloo.

Went on a shopping spree in London on Friday. So sad to see how many record stores have disappeared. Still, I managed to get my hands on a large pile of very fine vinyls old and new, and with the pound sterling this low I didn’t feel guilty at all, for a change.

Warsaw was, err, cold. We were working most of the time so we didn’t get to see much of the city. Had to be careful with my remarks – I very much like the communist architecture, but felt it wouldn’t be appropriate to say anything about it, especially after our designated guide and interpreter expressed his not so positive feelings about the “communist looking” hotel we were staying at.

I’ve been in Madrid for a month and a half now and it feels great. The only thing is that it’s going to take five more months before I can sort out my residence here, as the Madrid government is having problems sorting out all the residence requests. As a member of the E.U. it’s not a problem for me to work here (and pay taxes), but if I want an internet connection at home, or a cell phone contract or whatever, I need to be a resident. So I’m on a borrowed expensive mobile connection now I can’t really use for uploading 45s or downloading large files. Which is why there hardly have been any updates here lately.

I promise to sort that out shortly though. The 45 stack has grown some more since the last entry, so I really need to get on with it. More tings soon come!

Oh and by the way, never trust a white guy with dreads. Believe me, I know.