7-inch series, part 670 – Edwin Starr

Edwin Starr – War
label: Tamla Motown
year: 1970
side a: War
side b: He Who Picks A Rose

I think I heard Frankie‘s version before this one, maybe even Bruce‘ version as well. I like this one the most though. Originally written for The Temptations who included it on their Psychedelic Shack album, Ewin Starr was called upon for the single release, as Berry Gordy, Jr. didn’t want to jeopardise the band’s image with a single release of such a controversial anti-war song, and Norman Whitfield, who wrote the track alongside Barret Strong, did a pretty good job producing it, making it much rougher than the Temptations’ version. And the B-side isn’t too shabby, either.

Here’s a video of Edwin Starr singing “War”. Which is nice.