7-inch series, part 685 – Superball 63/Mickey Finn

Superball 63/Mickey Finn – Cinderblock/Plasterfeet
label: Big Money
year: 1993
side a: Superball 63 – Cinderblock
side b: Mickey Finn – Plasterfeet

I don’t know anything about these two bands except that:
1. they were from the Minneapolis hardcore scene
2. Mickey Finn have nothing fe do with the British deejay/producer with the same name
3. nor with the drink/drug
4. nor with the Chicago bartender who gave his name to aforementioned drink/drug
5. nor with the comic
6. nor with the T.Rex band member
7. nor with the writer Ernest Jarrold who used the name as a pseudonym
8. nor with the beer brewery

unless they named themselves after any of the above, of course.

There’s an old email interview with Superball 63 to be found here.