7-inch Series, part 731 – Cardova

Cardova – Enola Gay
label: Lovemonk
year: 2011
side a: Enola Gay
side b: Baccarra

Nice one as always from Lovemonk’s Marulasoulfood series, number 6, with a funny but rather good rendition of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark‘s “Enola Gay”, and the Cardova original “Baccarra” on the flip. It’s the first ever single by this band from Barcelona.

I was just about to tell you my history with “Enola Gay” but then I remembered I already have, here. I’ll quote myself:

“My friend Gerwin […] and I wanted to go to the Pinkpop fest in 1986 and G came up with the simple but brilliant idea to hire a bus for 50+ people. We could sell bus tickets cheap so we could get to the event for free and maybe even make a couple of guilders. So we did, and we called ourselves ‘Enola Gay Enterprises’. G made the company logo (something with wings and little lines to indicate the thing was moving fast), we hung up posters at school with my phone number on them and within days we had a bus full of people. Most of them didn’t even attend our school. It was a success, and we did it again in ’87 and ’88.”

So there.

As any Lovemonk fan will know, the Marulasoulfood series come with a tasty recipe on the back sleeve. This time it’s for albóndigas a la naranja, meatballs with orange, from Le Cucine Mandarosso in Barcelona:

Ingredients (for four servings):
200 gr of chopped beef, 200 gr chopped ham (boiled), 1 orange (juice and grated peel), 1 egg, 1 large onion, 100 gr bread crumbs, 400 cl of vegetable or beef broth, 1 tablespoon of dried sage, 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar, 40 gr butter, a splash of milk, flour, oil, salt, black pepper.

Mix the meat, ham egg, bread crumbs, sage, grated orange peel, and a splash of milk. Mix evenly and let it sit for 10 minutes. Make egg-sized meatballs and roll them in flour. Chop the onion and sautée it in oil and butter. Add the meatballs and brown on all sides. Add vinegar, orange juice, and broth. Cover and let it simmer for 25 minutes, stirring occasionally. If the sauce is too thin, add a bit of flour. Serve hot with a good wine.


7-inch series, part 661 – Speak Low

Speak Low – Thriller
label: Lovemonk
year: 2006
side a: Thriller
side b: Unusual Tatami


Speak Low – Soul Is What You Got
label: Lovemonk
year: 2009
side a: Soul Is What You Got
side b: I Don’t Need No… What?


“The best funk & soul band in Europe” we call them at Lovemonk HQ, and we’re probably right (duh). On stage, Speak Low are pretty hard to beat.
The tracks on these here two 45s can be found on Hands Up!, the album released earlier this year on CD. “Thriller” (yes indeed, that “Thriller”) is the first single in the Marulasoulfood series, a collaboration between Lovemonk and our dear friends of Marula. There is a recipe on the sleeve for tuna crepes filled with pistachos and pink peppers, courtesy of the Taverna Siciliana from Madrid. Tasty!

Video of “Thriller” played live at El Sol, June 2009.


7-inch series, part 568 – Quantic

Quantic – The Sound of Everything
label: Lovemonk Marulasoulfood
year: 2006
side a: The Sound Of Everything (Watch TV & Señorlobo Reprise)
side b: The Sound Of Everything (Watch TV & Señorlobo Reprise Instrumental) |


Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – Ciudad del Swing
label: Tru Thoughts
year: 2008
side a: Ciudad del Swing
side b: Ciudad del Swing (Version)


Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – Death of the Revolution
label: Tru Thoughts
year: 2008
side a: Death of the Revolution
side b: Make Dub Not War (Making Dub)


Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – Juanita Bonita
label: Tru Thoughts
year: 2008
side a: Juanita Bonita
side b: Dub del Pacífico


Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro/Nostalgia 77 Featuring The Fiction Trio – Tru Thoughts Present Black Gold
label: Tru Thoughts
year: 2009
side a: Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro – Wandering Star
side b: Nostalgia 77 Featuring The Fiction Trio – My Name Is |


I heart Quantic. The first single of this batch is number 2 of the Marulasoulfood series of the label I work for, with a nice sleeve and a recipe for some great dish on the backside (I’m sorry, haven’t got the sleeve here with me at present so I can’t tell you what dish – I’ll update when I get home, promise Here it is: “Bacalao estilo Pendulo / Pendulo style cod, courtesy of El Pendulo, C/Reloj 16, Madrid) – music and food recipes, what more could a man ask for? The singer is of course Alice Russell, the remix done by Señorlobo, with whom I will be spinning some tunes tonight at the same Marula club we do the Soulfood series with, and the mythical Watch TV.

On the three Flowering Inferno singles good Will Holland, as his mama calls him, is on a tropical reggae tip playing many instruments himself and inviting a string of Caribbean musicians to play with him. The 45s are the only tracks on vinyl off the Death of the Revolution album – on the CD there are four more.

The last single is the second Black Gold single, a series by Tru Thoughts. Quantic and his new project, of which the album Tradition in Transition will be out in July and is absolutely all killa no filla – believe!, delivers a cumbia version of Portishead‘s “Wandering Star”, while Nostalgia 77 hooks up with The Fiction Trio to turn horrible Eminem‘s horrible “My Name Is” into a dope jazz tune. Both tracks are off the Tru Thoughts Covers album, to be released later this year.

As said, tonight Quantic will be spinning at El Sol at the fabulous Lovemonk Fiesta with live gigs by Soul Vigilantes and Speak Low, and at the afterparty at Marula, where we Lovemonkeys will be dropping tunes as well. Consider yourself invited.


7-inch series, part 491 – Open Foraina

Open Foraina &anp; Jack Quiñónez – Fala tanto
label: Lovemonk
year: 2008
side a: Fala tanto
side b: Fala tanto (Instrumental)


Nice laidback tune from Javier Sirena, a guy from Madrid living in Brazil, and Colombian singer Jack Quiñónez. Jazz-tinged funk with a touch of Latin-American sounds, just the way we like it here at chezlubacov HQ. This is the third installment of the Marulasoulfood series on Lovemonk, a collaboration between the label and the funky little dancehall that is Madrid’s Marula Café.