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7-inch series, part 517 – Ala Maca / The Smakalites

Right, picking up where we left off. Small change though, as I have found out there are some lame-ohs out there playing lo-res MP3s in clubs. What’s up with that? It’s bad enough there’s people calling themselves DJs who’re getting paid playing illegally downloaded MP3s, but MP3s coded at 128 […]

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7-inch serie, deel 326 – Los Fulanos feat. Peret / Ala Maca & El Mangui / Mantecao Y Su Combo

Los Fulanos feat. Peret/Ala Maca & El Mangui – Raggaton (FTM Remix)/Lucky Bad label: Achiliboots jaar: 2008 www.myspace.com/fulanosbugalu | www.myspace.com/djmakala | www.myspace.com/achiliboots kant a: Los Fulanos feat. Peret – Raggaton (FTM Remix) kant b: Ala Maca & El Mangui – Lucky Bad Dit is de tweede Achiliboot (de eerste staat […]

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7-inch serie, deel 319 – Ala Maca / Los Manguis

Ala Maca/Los Manguis – A Saco Paco/Boom Boom label: Achiliboots jaar: 2008 www.myspace.com/djmakala | www.myspace.com/achiliboots kant a: Ala Maca – A saco Paco kant b: Los Manguis – Boom Boom Jawel, ook in Spanje doet men aan mashups. Deze twee tracks zijn bewerkingen van nummers die op Achilifunk (compilatie van […]

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