7-inch series, part 656 – Wim Sonneveld

Sonneveld + Bomans – Sonneveld + Bomans
label: Premieplaat
year: 1962
side a: Wim Sonneveld interviewt Godfried Bomans
side b: Mijn Discotheek


Wim Sonneveld – Frater Venantius
label: Premieplaat
year: 1964
side a
side b


These are two singles by Dutch cabaretier and singer Wim Sonneveld. On the first one he “interviews” a famous composer, played by another Dutch great, author and TV personality Godfried Bomans. This is the kind of humour that was found incredibly funny in fifties’, sixties’ and seventies’ Holland. And there probably still are a lot of people who think this is hilarious. It’s a souvenir of a society that doesn’t exist anymore, I guess. I have mixed feelings about it myself. On one hand I’m fond of it because it reminds me of my grandparents but on the other hand I keep getting whiffs of Brussels sprouts. I do love the extremely correct way both men speak though, so posh but so much better than the way the Dutch language is being raped these days. But that’s probably just me being an old fart.

The second single, on which Sonneveld takes on the role of a singing friar from Limburg, a province in the south of The Netherlands (where people have, according for those from the north, very funny accents), comes from my mother’s former collection. She loves that stuff. She’s a sweety pie she is, my mum.

Here’s a video of Sonneveld doing his Frater Venantius act.