7-inch Series, part 759 – Flash And The Pan

Flash And The Pan – Down Among The Dead Men
label: Epic
year: 1983
side a: Down Among The Dead Men
side b: Man In The Middle
[audio:|titles=Down Among The Dead Men|artists=Flash And The Pan]
[audio:|titles=Man In The Middle|artists=Flash And The Pan]

7" Series 759: Flash And The Pan – Down Among The Dead Men

Two 45s by Australian studio band Flash & The Pan, a project by former Easybeats members and AC/DC producers Harry Vanda (originally from The Hague) and George Young (originally from Glasgow, and the brother of AC/DC’s Angus and Malcolm). They were highly successful in the eighties. Of these two singles, this is the one I like the least, but it’s still pretty good. “Down Among The Dead Men” is about the sinking of the Titanic, and can lso be found on their eponymous first album, under the title “And The Band Played On (Down Among The Dead Man)”. That album also includes “Walking In The Rain”, of which Grace Jones did a version as well (see also here, link in Dutch).

Flash And The Pan – Midnight Man
label: Epic
year: 1985
side a: Midnight Man
side b: Fat Night
[audio:|titles=Midnight Man|artists=Flash And The Pan]
[audio:|titles=Fat Night|artists=Flash And The Pan]

7" Series 759: Flash And The Pan – Midnight Man

“Midnight Man” was a chart hit in my home country, at least I think it was. It’s one of those songs that have played around me, so to speak, all of my life, so maybe that’s why. Love this track. It was mixed by Ron St. Germain and the legendary François Kevorkian.


7-inch serie, deel 305 – Grace Jones

Grace Jones – La vie en rose
label: Island
jaar: 1977
kant a: La vie en rose
kant b: I Need a Man


Grace Jones – Private Life
label: Island
jaar: 1980
kant a: Private Life
kant b: Pars


Grace Jones – Pull up to the Bumper
label: Island
jaar: 1981
kant a: Pull up to the Bumper
kant b: Walking in the Rain
kant a: Pull up to the Bumper
kant b: Feel up

7-jonesgrace-pullup1.jpg  7-jonesgrace-pullup2.jpg

Grace Jones – I’ve Seen That Face Before
label: Island
jaar: 2007
kant a: I’ve Seen That Face Before
kant b: Demolition Man

7-jonesgrace-face1.jpg  7-jonesgrace-face2.jpg

Grace Jones – Nipple to the Bottle
label: Island
jaar: 1982
kant a: Nipple to the Bottle
kant b: The Apple Stretching


Grace Jones – Slave to the Rhythm
label: ZTT
jaar: 1985
kant a: Slave to the Rhythm
kant b: G.I. Blues


Het was klasgenoot Gilbert Joosen die me aan de Grace Jones bracht. Hij had de lp Slave to the Rhythm, en hoewel ik de hitjes al wel kende won die plaat me pas echt voor de Jamaicaanse duizendpoot. Slave to the Rhythm kon niet in een andere tijd gemaakt worden dan in de jaren tachtig, mede dankzij producer Trevor Horn. Jones heeft sowieso altijd een goede neus gehad voor mensen om mee samen te werken: producers Tom Moulton (hier op “La vie en rose”) en Chris Blackwell (hier op “Private Life”, “Pull up to the Bumper”, “I’ve Seen That Face Before” en “Nipple to the Bottle”), en het Jamaicaanse duo Sly & Robbie (“Private Life”, “Pull up to the Bumper”, “I’ve Seen That Face Before” en “Nipple to the Bottle”).

Veel van haar songs zijn covers: “La vie en rose” is oorspronkelijk van Edith Piaf, “Private Life”, van The Pretenders, “Walking in the Rain” van Flash And The Pan, “The Apple Stretching” van Melvin Van Peebles, die o.a. ook de door Earth, Wind & Fire ingespeelde soundtrack van Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song schreef, “I’ve Seen That Face Before” is een bewerking van Astor Piazzolla‘s “Libertango” en “Demolition Man” is van The Police. Van “I’ve Seen That Face Before” heb ik twee singles, een daarvan is de Spaanse uitgave die ik gekocht heb in mijn blinde verzamelwoede – behalve de hoes is er niets anders aan de twee nummers. “Pull up to the Bumper” heb ik ook dubbel, maar de b-kanten zijn verschillend.