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7-inch Series, part 756 – Fanga/Alma Afrobeat Ensemble

Fanga/Alma Afrobeat Ensemble – Thiogo Thiogo/The Fight Is In The Streets (15M) label: Enlace Funk year: 2011 enlacefunk.com fanga.fr | facebook.com/pages/Fanga-Afrobeat/214248021940613 almaafrobeat.com | facebook.com/pages/Alma-Afrobeat-Ensemble/151530984875525 side a: Fanga – Tiogho Tiogho (DJ Floro Y Ale Acosta Remix) side b: Alma Afrobeat Ensemble Feat. Krukid – The Fight Is In The Streets […]

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7-inch Series, part 718 – Alton Ellis Tribute EP

Various Artists – Alton Ellis Tribute EP label: Enlace Funk year: 2010 myspace.com/superakatz myspace.com/theupsttemians thepepperpots.com myspace.com/theoldians side a1: Akatz – Aguafiestas side a2: The Upsttemians – You Make Me So Very Happy side b1: The Pepper Pots – It’s True side b2: The Oldians – These Eyes A heartfelt tribute […]

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7-inch series, part 701 – The Blaxound Family

The Blaxound Family – Make Me Believe In You label: Enlace Funk year: 2010 side a: Make Me Believe In You side b: Brand New Old Story www.myspace.com/blaxoundfamily Single that comes with issue 36 of the fabulous Spanish funk & soul mag Enlace Funk. The Blaxound Family are a project […]

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7-inch series, part 668 – El Sr. Rojo

El Sr. Rojo – Madrid Aprieta label: Enlace Funk year: 2007 side a: Madrid Aprieta (Científico Remix) side b: Mega Code Red (Científico Remix) www.rojosway.com | http:www.myspace.com/elsrrojo Spanish hip-hop, there’s some good stuff around. Lot of bad stuff, too. But this guy, one of the capos in jip-jop today, is […]

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