7-inch series, part 687 – Supersuckers

Supersuckers – Dead Homiez
label: Sub Pop
year: 1993
side a: Dead Homiez
side b: Poor (Mexi-Mix) |

Supersuckers - Dead Homiez Supersuckers - Dead Homiez

Supersuckers – Givin’ It Away
label: Mid-Fi
year: 2002
side a: Givin’ It Away
side b: Going Back To Tucson

Supersuckers - Givin' It Away Supersuckers - Givin' It Away

Supersuckers – Beat To Shit
label: Mid-Fi
year: 2002
side a: Beat To Shit
side b: Cowboy Song

Supersuckers - Beat To Shit Supersuckers - Beat To Shit

Supersuckers – Thinkin’ Out Loud
label: Mid-Fi
year: 2002
side a: Thinkin’ Out Loud
side b: Girl I Know

Supersuckers - Thinkin' Out Loud Supersuckers - Thinkin' Out Loud

One of the weirder nights at da club where I used to work in Antwerp was the one that featured Dan Sartain, The Two Tears, a third band I don’t remember and Supersuckers, after which Murdock and Goldie took over to play some ripping drum’n’bass. Cowboy hats running everywhere trying to escape.
I bought the three Mid-Fi singles that night.

I like their choice of songs to do covers of. “Dead Homiez” is a track from Ice Cube‘s AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted. They also did Outkast‘s “Hey Ya” and Judas Priest‘s “Breakin’ the Law” (the studio version of which can be found on the Good Livin’ Platter they released in ’93 on Sympathy for the Record Industry under the Junkyard Dogs moniker, which featured country-style covers of tracks from Devo, The Gories, The Dwarves, The Fallouts and Dion & The Belmonts).

“Going Back To Tucson” is a country version of their own track, the original of which is on their album The Evil Powers of Rock ‘N’ Roll and “Cowboy Song” is one of the Supersuckers’ live favourites originally by Thin Lizzy.

Here’s an interview with Supersucker Eddie Spaghetti from 2005.