7-inch Series, part 750 – Dungen

750! That’s a party, right? Right?
Oh, okay.

Dungen – Öga, Näsa, Mun
label: Third Man (The Vault)
year: 2011 |
side a: Öga, Näsa, Mun
side b: Highway Wolf

7" Series 750: Dungen – Öga, Näsa, Mun

I love Dungen. I think I discovered them when I was writing for Kindamuzik, their album Ta Det Lugnt was on high rotation at casa Lubacov during all of that year. Bought every LP they released since then, I only need to get their first two records, but their sold out like a motherfucker, and people on Discogs are asking a lot of ca$h for them, which I haven’t got (and wouldn’t want to pay, for that matter).

This is one they recorded for Third Man Records’ Blue Series last year.

By the way, band members Johan Holmegard and Reine Fiske are also in The Amazing, who are brilliant, too. They’ve got a couple of albums out on the wonderful Subliminal Sounds, and they’re touring with Tame Impala at the moment. How hip is that?