▶ Disclosure – You & Me ft. Eliza Doolittle (Toro Y Moi Remix)

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The math:
Disclosure = good
Eliza Doolittle = good
Toro Y Moi = good
Disclosure + Eliza Doolittle + Toro Y Moi = goodgoodgood


7-inch Series, part 745 – Disclosure

Disclosure – Offline Dexterity
label: Moshi Moshi
year: 2010 |
side a: Offline Dexterity
side b: Street Light Chronicle

7" Series 745: Disclosure – Offline Dexterity

It’s probably soooo 2010, but I still love this sound. I wish there was a club in Madrid where I could hear or even play this stuff myself. And I mean proper, with proper bass and no wankers coming up to the booth asking for something danceable. There may be people playing this kind of thing here, but then we still have the bass bin issue. I don’t think there is one club in Madrid with a proper bass sound. You know, a bass sound that will rip your guts out and gives you a heart attack. Many years ago I felt it at a festival in the Pyrenees, when A Guy Called Gerald was playing, and Nightmares On Wax, and the Metalheadz crew. I can still feel that bass tearing me a new one, and that was in 1996 or so. Never again after that. Not in Spain, anyway.

But I digress. This was the Lawrence brothers’ first single. I think I read, or even translated, a review of it, was intrigued by what I read and ordered it straight away. Good choice.

Check out their new stuff on Greco-Roman (Spotify), it’s a bit housier but very tasty indeed. They’ve also got a single coming up on PMR.