This Friday, I will be mostly spinning tunes at Marula in Madrid, after what will no doubt be a wonderful gig by the fabulous Dead Capo

Lovemonk party feat. Dead Capo 13/12/13 @ Marula Madrid


7-inch Series, part 740 – Dead Capo

Dead Capo – Atraco A Las 3
label: Lovemonk
year: 2011
side a: Atraco A Las 3
side b: Carnaza

7" Series 740: Dead Capo – Atraco A Las 3

Two very fine slices of jazz-swing-blaxploitation-surf by this Madrid combo, “Carnaza” being a DC original, and the Adolfo Waitzman(*)-penned “Atraco A Las 3” a rendition of the theme from the hilarious 1962 Spanish film.

The band released their second album Sale earlier this summer, “Carnaza” is on it, “Atraco” isn’t.

(*)Spanish Wiki page