7-inch Series, part 752 – El Rego

El Rego – Se Na Min
label: Daptone
year: 2011
side a: Se Na Min
side b: E Ma Non Tin Me

7" Series 752: El Rego - Se Na Min

This 45 came as a bonus with the vinyl release on Daptone of El Rego, a highly recommendable compilation of singles by the Benin funkster and his band, put together by the great Voodoo Frank.


7-inch Series, part 730 – Charles Bradley & Menahan Street Band

Charles Bradley & Menahan Street Band – No Time For Dreaming
label: Dunham
year: 2011
side a: No Time For Dreaming
side b: Golden Rule

7" Series 730: Charles Bradley & Menahan Street Band - No Time For Dreaming

This single came out as an appetiser for the album of the same name. Unbelievably enough, both tracks are on the LP, so no “extra value” here. Well, apart from the fact that it’s a delicious slab of 7″ wax, of course.

Charles Bradley’s got quite an interesting story, making his recording debut after several decades of performing on the side, making a living as a chef. They even made a film about him: Soul Of America. Can’t wait to see that one.


7-inch series, part 702 – The Budos Band

The Budos Band – Kakal
label: Daptone Records
year: 2010
side a: Kakal
side b: Hidden Hand |

The Budos Band - Kakal

Exclusive bonus single that comes with the rather great new Budos album The Budos Band III. Vintage Budos stuff, can’t go wrong with that!

Here’s a video of the making of The Budos Band III:


7-inch series, part 696 – Darrell Banks

Darrell Banks – Don’t Know What To Do
label: Ever Soul/Daptone
year: 1969/2009
side a: Don’t Know What To Do
side b: My Love Is Reserved

Darrell Banks - Don't Know What To Do

Reissue of two great tracks from Darrell Banks’ album Here To Stay, originally released on Stax/Volt in 1969. Banks was one of those artists who could have been superstars, had it not been for an untimely meeting with the Grim Reaper. In this case, death came from a bullet from the gun of the policeman supposedly having an affair with Banks’ girlfriend. Word has it the soul singer had a bit of a temper and when he took his girl from the arms of her other lover, the latter tried to intervene, upon which Banks pulled a gun on him. Alas, the other one was faster.

Darrell Banks released only two albums, Darrell Banks Is Here! (Atco Records, 1967) and Here to Stay (Stax Records, 1969). Read his story over at Soulful Detroit.


7-inch series, part 695 – 3 Titans

3 Titans – College
label: Dunham
year: 2010
side a: College
side b: The Life Of A Scholar

3 Titans - College

Fifth graders rapping about life in college. Sounds like something that is funny for about five minutes, but 1. the boys can rap, 2. it’s on Dunham, which is a subsidiary label of Daptone, and 3. the backing band is the Menahan Street Band so this is fantastic.

See the boys in action in this video for “The Life Of A Scholar”: