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7-Inch Series, Part 768 – Erykah Badu / Pharoahe Monch

Erykah Badu / Pharoahe Monch – Real Thang (Ticklah Remix) / Desire (Ticklah Remix) label: BSTRD Boots year: 2012 baduworld.com | facebook.com/erykahbadu pharoahe.com | facebook.com/pharoahemonch facebook.com/pages/Ticklah-Victor-Axelrod/81641501985 | soundcloud.com/victor-axelrod side a: Erykah Badu – Real Thang (Ticklah Remix) side b: Pharoahe Monch – Desire (Ticklah Remix) [soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/4164891″ params=”” width=” 100%” […]

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7-Inch Series, Part 767 – Banda Achilifunk & Original Jazz Orquestra

Banda Achilifunk & Original Jazz Orquestra – Feeling label: Lovemonk year: 2012 side a: Feeling side b: Bad [bandcamp album=896546265 bgcol=transparent linkcol=4285BB size=venti]   Both these tracks can be found on the rather ace Gitano Real album. “Feeling” is an original written by Lalo López, who’s also a member of […]

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7-inch Series, part 751 – Hanni El Khatib

Hanni El Khatib – Dead Wrong label: Innovative Leisure year: 2010 hannielkhatib.com | facebook.com/pages/Hanni-El-Khatib/41886037465 | roachcock.tumblr.com side a: Dead Wrong side b: You Rascal You I discovered Hanni El Khatib thanks to my buddy David Lapof, who showed me the way to the “Loved One” video. My buddy David knows […]

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7-inch Series, part 749 – Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls – Bhang Bhang I’m A Burnout label: Slumberland year: 2010 wearedumdumgirls.com | facebook.com/DumDumGirls side a: Bhang Bhang I’m A Burnout side b: Last Caress Great little single on blue transparent vinyl, from the time Dum Dum Girls still sounded gritty on record. Which they don’t anymore, or at least, […]

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7-inch Series, part 748 – DJ Shepdog

DJ Shepdog – Tight Ride label: Nice Up! year: 2010 soundcloud.com/djshepdog | facebook.com/deejayshepdog side a: Tight Ride side b: Broke & Hearted Mash up the place once again with Shepdog. “Tight Ride” is Janelle Monáe‘s “Tightrope” combined with Dave Kelly‘s “Joyride” riddim. It doesn’t really improve on the original, I […]

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7-inch Series, part 746 – DJ Catalist

DJ Catalist – Hot Witness label: BSTRD Boots year: 2010 soundcloud.com/alisterjohnson | facebook.com/alisterjohnson side a: Hot Witness side b: Real Soul Great little mashup here of Marvin Gaye‘s classic “Can I Get A Witness” and Byron Lee & The Dragonaires‘ cover of James Brown‘s “Hot Pants”, “Make It Reggae”. On […]

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7-inch Series, part 740 – Dead Capo

Dead Capo – Atraco A Las 3 label: Lovemonk year: 2011 deadcapo.bandcamp.com side a: Atraco A Las 3 side b: Carnaza Two very fine slices of jazz-swing-blaxploitation-surf by this Madrid combo, “Carnaza” being a DC original, and the Adolfo Waitzman(*)-penned “Atraco A Las 3” a rendition of the theme from […]

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7-inch Series, part 733 – Cheval Sombre

Cheval Sombre – Couldn’t Do label: Trensmat year: 2012 side a: Couldn’t Do side b: As Tears Go By facebook.com/pages/Cheval-Sombre/75551742229 I first discovered Cheval Sombre, a one-man band formed by New York poet, musician, and, apparently, English teacher Christopher Porpora, when buying records online. There was a 7″ split by […]

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