Prince Fatty W/ Hollie Cook – You Know I’m No Good

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Amy Winehouse was a boss. Prince Fatty is a boss. Hollie Cook is a boss. This version is boss.


Gotta love internet


7-Inch Series, Part 768 – Erykah Badu / Pharoahe Monch

Erykah Badu / Pharoahe Monch – Real Thang (Ticklah Remix) / Desire (Ticklah Remix)
label: BSTRD Boots
year: 2012 | | |

side a: Erykah Badu – Real Thang (Ticklah Remix)
side b: Pharoahe Monch – Desire (Ticklah Remix)

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7" Series 768: Erykah Badu / Pharoahe Monch – Real Thang (Ticklah Remix) / Desire (Ticklah Remix)

Ticklah is the reggae alias of Dap-Kings and Antibalas co-founders Victor Axelrod, who did these two remixes “for contests that never quite happened ……….or something like that”. The original “Real Thang” can be found on Badu’s New Amerykah: Part One (4th World War), while Monch’s “Desire” is the title track of his album from 2007.


7-Inch Series, Part 767 – Banda Achilifunk & Original Jazz Orquestra

Banda Achilifunk & Original Jazz Orquestra – Feeling
label: Lovemonk
year: 2012

side a: Feeling
side b: Bad

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7" Series 767: Banda Achilifunk & Original Jazz Orquestra – Feeling

Both these tracks can be found on the rather ace Gitano Real album. “Feeling” is an original written by Lalo López, who’s also a member of Fundación Tony Manero, and sung by Ramonet, one of the first four Big Names in the history of Catalan rumba, and Soraya Cortés aka Lady Gipsy. And “Bad”, well, “Bad” is “Bad”, innit?


7-inch Series, part 751 – Hanni El Khatib

Hanni El Khatib – Dead Wrong
label: Innovative Leisure
year: 2010 | |
side a: Dead Wrong
side b: You Rascal You

7" Series 751: Hanni El Khatib – Dead Wrong

I discovered Hanni El Khatib thanks to my buddy David Lapof, who showed me the way to the “Loved One” video. My buddy David knows me well, I became a fan immediately and got myself the “Dead Wrong” and “Build.Destroy.Rebuild” 7″s, discovering The Allah-Las on the way.

“Dead Wrong” is an original El Khatib, flipside “You Rascal You” is a cover of a 1930’s song written by Sam Theard, and since done by Clarence Williams, Louis Armstrong and Louis Prima, among others.

Hanni El Khatib – Build.Destroy.Rebuild
label: Innovative Leisure
year: 2010
side a: Build.Destroy.Rebuild
side b: Loved One

7" Series 751: Hanni El Khatib – Build.Destroy.Rebuild

This is his second single, boasting two El Khatib originals. Both tracks, like the ones on the previous single, can also be found on his wonderful first album Will The Guns Come Out (Spotify).

Hanni El Khatib – Human Fly
label: Innovative Leisure
year: 2012
side a: Human Fly
side b: Roach Cock

7" Series 751: Hanni El Khatib – Human Fly

His rendition of The Cramps“Human Fly” was featured in a car commercial, then got a digital single release, and it was apparently included on the European LP version of Will The Guns Come Out. And this year it was released on this 8″ yes 8″ vinyl, with the original “Roach Cock” on the flip.

El Khatib has been recording his second LP this year with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. That should be good.


7-inch Series, part 749 – Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls – Bhang Bhang I’m A Burnout
label: Slumberland
year: 2010 |
side a: Bhang Bhang I’m A Burnout
side b: Last Caress

7" Series 449: Dum Dum Girls – Bhang Bhang I'm A Burnout

Great little single on blue transparent vinyl, from the time Dum Dum Girls still sounded gritty on record. Which they don’t anymore, or at least, on last year’s Only In Dreams (Spotify). A clean sound takes away a big part of the charm, in my humble opinion. This kind of garage-pop should sound dirty, raw, lo-fi.

Anyways, “Bhang Bhang” is a track from their first album, I Will Be (Spotify), “Last Caress”, a cover of The Misfitsoriginal from 1980, is exclusive to this single. The 7″ has been reissued by Sub Pop earlier this year, on blue and white vinyl.

Dum Dum Girls just released a new EP, End Of Daze (Spotify), recorded with Sune Rose Wagner from The Raveonettes.


7-inch Series, part 748 – DJ Shepdog

DJ Shepdog – Tight Ride
label: Nice Up!
year: 2010 |
side a: Tight Ride
side b: Broke & Hearted

7" Series 748: DJ Shepdog – Tight Ride

Mash up the place once again with Shepdog. “Tight Ride” is Janelle Monáe‘s “Tightrope” combined with Dave Kelly‘s “Joyride” riddim. It doesn’t really improve on the original, I must say.

I like flipside “Broke & Hearted” better, which is Alicia Keys“Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart” mixed with Al Campbell‘s classic “Take A Ride” riddim.


7-inch Series, part 746 – DJ Catalist

DJ Catalist – Hot Witness
label: BSTRD Boots
year: 2010 |
side a: Hot Witness
side b: Real Soul

7" Series 746: DJ Catalist - Hot Witness

Great little mashup here of Marvin Gaye‘s classic “Can I Get A Witness” and Byron Lee & The Dragonaires‘ cover of James Brown‘s “Hot Pants”, “Make It Reggae”. On the flip, another Marvin track, his duet with Tammi Terrell, “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing” gets tangled up with Lennie Hibbert‘s cover of Johnny Lytle‘s “The Village Caller”, “Village Soul”.

Are you still there? Hello?

Alister Johnson did a quite brilliant job, I’d say. The tunes sound really natural, and they work on the dance floor, too! You can stream/download “Hot Witness” from Catalist’s Soundcloud page.
Which is nice.


7-inch Series, part 740 – Dead Capo

Dead Capo – Atraco A Las 3
label: Lovemonk
year: 2011
side a: Atraco A Las 3
side b: Carnaza

7" Series 740: Dead Capo – Atraco A Las 3

Two very fine slices of jazz-swing-blaxploitation-surf by this Madrid combo, “Carnaza” being a DC original, and the Adolfo Waitzman(*)-penned “Atraco A Las 3” a rendition of the theme from the hilarious 1962 Spanish film.

The band released their second album Sale earlier this summer, “Carnaza” is on it, “Atraco” isn’t.

(*)Spanish Wiki page


7-inch Series, part 733 – Cheval Sombre

Cheval Sombre – Couldn’t Do
label: Trensmat
year: 2012
side a: Couldn’t Do
side b: As Tears Go By

7" Series 733: Cheval Sombre – Couldn't Do

I first discovered Cheval Sombre, a one-man band formed by New York poet, musician, and, apparently, English teacher Christopher Porpora, when buying records online. There was a 7″ split by him and Spectrum on The Great Pop Supplement, and I thought “if Sonic Boom’s on it, I can’t go wrong with purchasing this little piece of plastic, especially since it’s on white vinyl”, so I clicked “basket” and that was that. That particular single will be featured in this series later on. This one here’s the followup release, and a little taste of his second album, Mad Love, due out on 5th November on Sonic Cathedral. Looking forward to that one, as his self-titled debut full-length from 2009 (on Dean & Britta‘s Double Feature Records and also produced by Sonic Boom) is rather tasty.

It’s unclear to me if the B-side, a rendition of course of The Rolling Stones’ original, will be on it as well.

There’s a video for “Couldn’t Do”:

Ah, and if you buy the single, which you should, for example straight off Trensmat, you get the digital files for free.