7-inch Series, part 735 – Clubfeet

Clubfeet – City Of Light
label: Too Pure
year: 2012
side a: City Of Light
side b: This Time

7" Series 735: Clubfeet – City Of Light

Another Too Pure Singles Club 7″, and another Aussie band, too. But nothing like Civil Civic. In fact, I find it a pretty surprising sound for Too Pure.

I don’t particularly like the A–side, it’s a bit too wrong–side–of–the–80s for my taste, and the beat is a tad boring. The B–side is more my thing. But I have a love–hate thing with bands like Clubfeet. Some tunes on their album Gold On Gold I like a lot, but when they go all dancey-poppy-happy-indie-kiddie, I get the uncontrollable urge to play The Mummies. Same goes for Cut Copy and Hot Chip, who they sound like at times, especially on the vocal part.

Anyways, here‘s a free download of the Dublin Aunts remix of “City Of Light”.