Amp Fiddler & Paul Randolph
Bossa Boogie was incredibly d-o-p-e! we’ll definitely do it again some time.

amp fiddler [pic by anniek] yesterday @ les nuits botanique was, again, rather brilliant, too. pity they could only play for half an hour, to make place for some très shitty french band.

on a festival like les nuits it becomes pretty clear wallonia and flanders are two different worlds. there’s a lot of french bands on the festival i had never heard of before – you don’t hear them on flemish radio, you don’t see them on flemish tv. but at les nuits they are being received like heroes, like people have been dying to see them. and they all sing along to the songs. and laugh at the singers’ pretty bad jokes. weird.

not too many people seemed to know the amp though, but he got them to get funky anyway. of course. you gotta love that guy.