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Tom Trago – Voyage Direct [Rush Hour] (
One of Amsterdam’s finest beat smiths – check his numerous (contributions to) releases on Kindred Spirits and Rush Hour – goes all out on the 4/4. Deep, rich, soulful and funked-up house for dancing, driving and chilling. Ace.
video for “Voyage Direct”

Various Artists – Dirty French Psychedelics [Born Bad] (
Dirty posse unleashes a trunk of French psychedelics, folk, poetry without even including a single Gainsbourg track. This is a gem. If you’re fast you can get a vinyl copy but there are very few left. It’s worth it though, even though it has one track less than the CD.
Dirty feature on Arte

The Phenomenal Handclap Band – The Phenomenal Handclap Band [Friendly Fire/Tummy Touch/Lovemonk] (
Yeh, I know, shameless self-promotion but fuck it, we love this record and that’s why we’re releasing it in Iberia. Psychdiscorockprogsoulfunkhop is the shit these days. It will mos def be in my top ten of this year’s album list schmist. And in many others’, because there’s a lot of people out there believing the hype. You should, too.
(out in June in the USA, July in the UK/Europe and September in Spain/Portugal)
video of “You’ll Disappear”, live

Quantic And His Combo Bárbaro – Tradition in Transition [Tru Thoughts] (
It’s Will Holland’s new project and it’s fine, ooh, so fine. He got together with a group of great musicians from all over the place in Cali, Colombia, and together they make sweet sweet music the way Holland has been doing over the years with all of his bands. Truly fantastic.
(out in July)
trailer of Tradition in Transition – Postcard from Cali

muziq newrekkids


I’m a bit behind with my showing off slash keeping track list of recent acquisitions. This one was supposed to go online a week ago.
New list is coming up in a couple days.
Beck – Gamma Ray
  [b/w Bonfire Blondes] – DGC 7″ 2008
  See here.
Beck – Gamma Ray
  [b/w Gamma Ray Jay Reatard Version] – DGC 7″ 2008
La Captura del Sonido – V/A
   [gatefold sleeve, 2CD] – Lovemonk CD 2008
  CD I got from my future colleagues. It’s a fine selection of songs that according to the sleeve notes captures the spirit of the La Captura del Sonido radio show from Ibiza, hosted by Daniel Peñacoba who’s also compiled this disc.
Gareth Dickson – Gareth Dickson
  Gareth Dickson CD 2008
  Saw this guy playing a fifteen minute set as a warm-up for Juana Molina at the Arenberg in Antwerp. Beautiful, beautfiul music. His guitar play reminds me of Cocteau Twins sometimes. Which is nice. And yes, it’s a CD. I know I always say I don’t buy CDs but hey, if you want the music and it’s not on vinyl, you have to do the right thing and get it on CD. Even if you don’t own a CD usable player.
Gareth Dickson – Spruce Goose
  Sleeping Man CD 2005
Bing Ji Ling – Home
  [white label, promo] – Lovemonk 12″ 2008
  More homework from my future work place. Fine house and disco music, mixes by Tokyo Black Star, The Phenomenal Handclap Band and Blackjoy
Makala – Cartoon Tune
  [white label, promo] – Lovemonk – 7″ – 2008
  See here.
Juana Molina – Tres cosas
  [gatefold sleeve, 2LP] – Domino LP 2002
  The predecessor of Son. Wonderful music this lady makes. Wonderful.
Juana Molina – Un día
  Acqua CD 2008
  Her new album is another sure fire hit at luba’s. Too bad it’s not coming out on vinyl. Too bad? A fucking shame more like. I asked the people at Domino’s what’s up, but I get no answer. Now I was forced to buy the CD, and I don’t buy CD’s.
Limón & Nada – V/A
  [transparent white vinyl, 2×10″, promo] – Mono 10″ 2008
  More homework. This is one of the branding things the label uses its sublabel Mono for. It’s for some new drink by a big fruit juice producer. Pretty cool they put it out on a double 10″ though, and with a couple good tunes on it, too.
Marulasoul – V/A
  [gatefold sleeve] – Lovemonk CD 2009
  Marula is one of the places I like to go to when in Madrid at night. Classy place where they play very decent music. This CD is one in a series of collaborations between my future bosses and the club.
Open Foraina & Jack Quiñonez – Fala Tanto
  Marulasoulfood 7″ 2008
  See here.
Soul Vigilantes – Background Noise (ft. Xan Blacq)
  [white label, promo] – Lovemonk 12″ 2008
  Yep! More homework. Edits and remixes by the great Pilooski and Pablo Sánchez, to be released in the next couple months.
Gecko Turner – Manipulado
  Lovemonk CD 2008
  While we’re waiting for his proper new album, Lovemonk released this collection of remixes of tracks from his previous albums.
Watch TV & The Lovemonk Allstars – Wild Safari (ft. Gene García)
  [white label, promo] – Lovemonk 12″ 2008
  Nice little afro-tinged dittie by Madrid-based Ruben García, with a remix by Metro Area’s Darshan Jesrani.
Jack White & Alicia Keys – Another Way to Die
  [gold-coloured vinyl] – XL 7″ 2008
  It’s kind of a weird track, I don’t think they fit too well together. Maybe it’ll turn out to be “an acquired taste”. But it’s on gold-coloured vinyl, so I bought it anyway.
Chip Wickham – Feel Alright
  [white label, promo] – Lovemonk 7″ 2008
  The man has worked with an impressive list of musicians and he’s a member of Malena. Funkin’ all over the place, this is.

muziq newrekkids


16 Ajax-knallers – V/A
  Telstar LP 1973
  Gotta have this one, having been raised with the idea Ajax is the greatest football club ever. Also, the store where I found it was in Rotterdam, which kind of added to the excitement.
Blood, Sweat & Tears – The First Album
  Embassy LP 1968
  Hadn’t really listened to BS&T (apart from the hits) but I read something in Wax Poetics where the writer said the first album is brilliant, so I thought I’d check it out. I like it.
Vashti Bunyan – Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind
  [gatefold sleeve, 2LP] – Dicristina LP 2007
  First heard of Vashti when her album Just another Diamond Day was reissued. Got the vinyl (with bonus 45, oh yeah baby) and loved it. Then Lookaftering was released, but I didn’t really get that. This however is a beautiful collection of old recordings, demos and such. Maybe I should give Lookaftering anonther chance.
Manolo Escobar Y Sus Guitarras – El primer bautizo
  Belter 7″ 1960
  See the 7-inch series, part 482.
Luboš Fišer – Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Valerie a týden divu) OST
  [gatefold sleeve] – Finders Keepers LP 2006
Haunting music from a Czech movie from the seventies. It’s on Finders Keepers so it’s a must-have. Besides, Trish Keenan loves it. Nuff siad.
Foals – Red Socks Pugie
  Transgressive/Warner 7″ 2008
  See the 7-inch series, part 483.
The Gutter Twins – God’s Children
  Sub Pop 7″ 2008
  Two of my favourite artists in one band – lovely. The B-side isn’t on the Saturnalia album. Which is nice.
Jeanette – Porque te vas
  Hispavox 7″ 1974
  Loved this track when I was a kid. It wasn’t until many years later that I found out where it came from – the soundtrack of Cría cuervos by Carlos Saura. The film features the very young Ana Torrent who would later star in one of my favourite movies, Vacas by Julio Medem and also in Alejandro Amenábar’s Tesis.
The La’s – The La’s
  Plain LP 1990/2008
  I lost my original copy so when I found this reissue I had to take it with me. Classic, classic, classic.
LCD Soundsystem – Big Ideas
  DFA 12″ 2008
  It’s on the original soundtrack of 21. It sounds pretty clean for an LCD track, a bit too clean, even. I bought it without listening to it (what’s up with record stores that have no vinyl listening spots, anyway?). The Babytalk remix on the flip is decent enough though.
Liesbeth List – Pastorale
  Philips 7″ 1968
  The title track with singer and actor Ramses Shaffy is a Dutch classic written especially for List and Shaffy by Lennaert Nijgh and Boudewijn de Groot. The beautiful lyrics are a conversation between the sun (Shaffy) and the earth (List).
Robert Mitchum – Calypso Is Like So…
  Capitol LP 1957/1984
  According to the record store guy “they” have been talking about reissuing this album for ages, without it resulting in an actual release. It already has been reissued once, in 1984, but even those are not very easy to find these days. So I had to pay quite a bit for this one, but it’s worth it. Robert Mitchum the badass actor singing calypso songs, you can hardly beat that.
Miguel de los Reyes Y Su Conjunto – Gitanos y flamencos
  Regal 7″ 1961
  Four nice flamenco tracks in a beautiful sleeve – you gotta love ’em.
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Nancy & Lee
  Reprise LP 1968
  About ten years ago I took a shot at my fifteen minutes of fame with the Spanish band Las Solex. I was the singer and I wrote a song about a guy who lost all he had because he was in love with Nancy Sinatra’s voice. I still think it’s one of the most beautiful female voices I ever heard. Have this one on CD but now I can ditch it – you can’t knock the vinyl, my friends.



Anne Briggs – Sing a Song for You
  Bo’Weavil WEAVIL 20 LP 2008
Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil up – V/A
  [gatefold sleeve, 2LP] – Numero Group LP 2005
Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label – V/A
  [gatefold sleeve, 2LP] Numero Group LP 2006
Essential Dub – V/A
  Roir LP 2008
The Free Pop Electronic Concept – A New Exciting Experience
  Wah Wah Vampi Soul LP 2008
Matty G – Take You Back
  [3LP] Argon LP 2008
The Heliocentrics – Out There
  [2LP] – Now Again LP 2007
Kuniyuki – Remixed Vol. 2
  Mule Musiq 12″ 2008
Las Vegas Grind! Volume Six – V/A
  Strip LP 2000
Lil’ Tony / Boola – Basement Tracks EP
  Innervisions 12″ 2008
Lindstrøm – Where You Go I Go too
  [2LP] – Feedelity/Smalltown Supersound LP 2008
Nathaniel Mayer – Why Don’t You Give It to Me?
  [purple marbled vinyl] – Alive LP 2007
Minimono / Markus Fix – Sweet Murmur / House in the House
  Love Letters from Oslo 12″ 2008
Mickey Moonlight – Interplanetary Music
  Ed Banger 12″ 2008
Portishead – Third
  [special edition box set w/ USB memory stick, etched 12″ Machine Gun, Nick Uff print] – Universal Island LP 2008
Soul Shaker Vol. 5 – V/A
  Record Kicks LP 2008
Some Songs Stuck in My Mind – V/A
  Crazy Apple Boutique LP 2007
Emilíana Torrini – Me and Armini
  Rough Trade LP 2008
You Don’t Know: Ninja Cuts Sampler – V/A
  Ninja Tune 12″ 2008