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Soleado 349 – Todo Es Circular – 28/2/17

Soleado express their outrage at certain, supposedly christian organisations’ lowness, only putting their deity’s commandments to practice when it suits them, and erroneously believe theirs is the only way. Few things better to fight idiocy and fascism than to play good tunes: Paul McCartney & Elvis Costello, Onom Agemo, Thundercat […]

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Soleado 348 – ¿Qué Estará Haciendo Ahora Gecko Turner? – 21/2/17

Soleado remembers the original funky drummer Clyde Stubblefield and play tunes by Prince Nico Mbarga, The Molochs, Javier Díez Ena, A/T/O/S, Ofege, and Frankie Reyes. Gladys Palmera Soleado podcast Facebook Twitter Señorlobo Lubacov

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Soleado 347 – Lo Que Cree Un Tonto – 14/2/17

The Soleado bros talk about their beloved Spanish politcal parties and politicians, POTUS, the sadly departed Al Jarreau, and their mate Bruno who’s celebrating his birthday on this glorious Valentine’s Day. Tuuuuuunes by Omar, Mac DeMarco, Irakere, Michael White, Allah-Las, and Palehound. Gladys Palmera Soleado podcast Facebook Twitter Señorlobo Lubacov

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Soleado 345 – ลำสั้นดิสโก้ – 31/1/17

The Soleado bros. go unpronounceable this week, sharing their wish for the leader of the so-called free world be removed from power by playing tunes by The Honey Drippers, Antibalas, and DJ Shadow. Plus, new and old stuff by Onom Agemo and his Disco Jumpers, Bastien Keb, Miriam Makeba, Blaze […]

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Soleado 344 – Hechos Alternativos – 24/1/17

This week the Soleado Bros. made a mixtape with some tuuuuunes by Alex Rodriguez, Bhi Bhiman, Nickodemus, Skylab, Lucky Brown, and Papooz. They’re also playing on by the legendary Can, saying goodbye to Jaki Liebezeit, and another one by Chip Wickham, because his debut album is the best thing that […]

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Soleado 343 – No Tenemos Ni Idea – 17/1/17

January 20th, 2017 is the beginning of the end, and to celebrate, the boys from Lovemonk are releasing Chip Wickham’s fantastic first album. On Soleado they’re playing Chip’s version of Camarón de la Isla’s “La leyenda del tiempo”, plus a whole bunch of tunes by the likes of Omar, Yussef […]

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Soleado 342 – Su Su Sudio – 10/1/17

In this episode of discord, Soleado celebrates the imminent release of Chip Wickham’s fantastic new album, The Avalanches’ most recent album and, most of all, the new compilation featuring all of the giant Phil Collins’ greatest hits. Also, tunes by Bowie, Idris Ackamoor, Boogarins, Jay Daniel, and Laughing Light Of […]

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