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Soleado #399 – 29/7/19

¡Viva el verano! Playlist:Soleado – IntroSound Voyage – Golden GarudaRichard Marks – Purple HazeThe Mauskovic Dance Band – Dance Place GarageLos Pekenikes – Cerca De las EstrellasPedestrians – Commuter FantasyGeorge & Glen Miller – EasingThe Mystery Lights – Someone Else Is In ControlAe3 – Black RiderObongjayar – Never ChangeTobias – […]

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Soleado #398 – La Realidad Es Líquida – 13/6/19

Hay que adaptarse, la realidad es líquida, fake news y todo eso. Filosofía mierder en Soleado y música. No, música no, temarracos. Playlist:Soleado – IntroBeat Bronco Organ Trio – Easy BabyKindness Feat. Seinabo Sey – Lost WithoutWar San – Beasts And LionsReginald Omas Mamode IV – Kand Zot Pou ApprendeJimi […]

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Soleado 356 – Adiós Al Señor Pandereta – 18/4/17

While it seems we’re at the mercy of a couple of clowns on the verge of activating their respective Doomsday Devices just to see who’s got the bigger hands/smaller mind, Soleado just keep playing the tunes. This week there’s two by the sadly departed Bruce Langhorne, AKA Mr. Tambourine Man, […]

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Soleado 355 – Rollo Nocturno – 11/4/17

Broadcasting from his summer mansion on the east coast, Lubacov’s sounding rather nocturnal in this week’s Soleado. The show opens and closes with Alex Rocks, whose first album is coming out this week, and there are some quality tunes by the likes of Louis Cole, Deoke, Ephemerals, spoony bard, and […]

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Soleado 354 – Pan De Oro – 4/4/17

This week, Soleado present tracks off of Alex Rocks’ and Wild Honey’s respective upcoming albums on your favourite label, plus some tuuuuuunes by Rare Silk, Hot Shorts, The Como Mamas, Pumarosa, Blay Ambolley, and The Heliocentrics. Gladys Palmera Soleado podcast Facebook Twitter Señorlobo Lubacov

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Soleado 353 – La Descolocación De La Acentuación Rítmica – 28/3/17

Soleado proclaim themselves independent from independence, say goodbye to the recently passed Alessandro Alessandroni, and play tunes by Bill Callahan, Erkin Koray, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Wavves, Noriel Vilela, and the very great Eddie Palmieri. Gladys Palmera Soleado podcast Facebook Twitter Señorlobo Lubacov

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