7-inch Series, part 761 – Fórmula V

Fórmula V – La Fiesta De Blas
label: Philips
year: 1974
side a: La Fiesta De Blas
side b: La Gran Ciudad |

7" Series 761: Fórmula V – La Fiesta De Blas

Another one from the Pelayo series. Fórmula V was a band formed in 1967 by members of two other Madrid outfits, Los Rostros and Los Jíbaros. They had a string of hits in the late sixties and first half of the seventies, this particular one being their last before they disbanded in 1975. Their sound was typical for what was playing on the Spanish radio at the time: catchy, carefree, and rather harmless pop music.

Of this single I like the B-side better. In 2002 they got back together like every self-respecting band from those days, and they’re still playing all over the country.


7-inch Series, part 760 – Floating Points

Floating Points – For You
label: Eglo
year: 2009
side a: For You
side b: Radiality |
[audio:|titles=For You|artists=Floating Points]
[audio:|titles=Radiality|artists=Floating Points]

7" Series 760: Floating Points – For You

This is Sam Shepherd’s first release as Floating Points. I remember hearing it first at the Caracol venue in Madrid when my friend Señorlobo played “For You” as the opening track of our superstar DJ set after The Right Ons‘ gig. “And now for something completely different”, he must have thought. And I just went “I gotta have this”. So he gave it to me. Now that’s friendship.


7-inch Series, part 759 – Flash And The Pan

Flash And The Pan – Down Among The Dead Men
label: Epic
year: 1983
side a: Down Among The Dead Men
side b: Man In The Middle
[audio:|titles=Down Among The Dead Men|artists=Flash And The Pan]
[audio:|titles=Man In The Middle|artists=Flash And The Pan]

7" Series 759: Flash And The Pan – Down Among The Dead Men

Two 45s by Australian studio band Flash & The Pan, a project by former Easybeats members and AC/DC producers Harry Vanda (originally from The Hague) and George Young (originally from Glasgow, and the brother of AC/DC’s Angus and Malcolm). They were highly successful in the eighties. Of these two singles, this is the one I like the least, but it’s still pretty good. “Down Among The Dead Men” is about the sinking of the Titanic, and can lso be found on their eponymous first album, under the title “And The Band Played On (Down Among The Dead Man)”. That album also includes “Walking In The Rain”, of which Grace Jones did a version as well (see also here, link in Dutch).

Flash And The Pan – Midnight Man
label: Epic
year: 1985
side a: Midnight Man
side b: Fat Night
[audio:|titles=Midnight Man|artists=Flash And The Pan]
[audio:|titles=Fat Night|artists=Flash And The Pan]

7" Series 759: Flash And The Pan – Midnight Man

“Midnight Man” was a chart hit in my home country, at least I think it was. It’s one of those songs that have played around me, so to speak, all of my life, so maybe that’s why. Love this track. It was mixed by Ron St. Germain and the legendary François Kevorkian.


7-inch Series, part 758 – Fear Of Men

Fear Of Men – Mosaic
label: Too Pure
year: 2012 |
side a: Mosaic
side b: Your Side

7" Series 758: Fear Of Men – Mosaic

Another fine delivery in the Too Pure Singles Club, this time by Brighton/London band Fear Of Men. Slightly melancholic, pure pop sweetness for your soul.

They’ve just premiered a video for “Mosaic”.
Which is nice.


7-inch Series, part 757 – Fanzine

Fanzine – L.A.
label: Best Fit
year: 2012 |
side a: L.A.
side b: Houses Fall

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=false&color=b85cd6″ width=”100%” height=”275″ iframe=”true” /]

7" Series 757: Fanzine – L.A.

I must have felt like I had shitloads of money on the bank when I bought this. They’re nice tunes, but not the must-have songs I need to limit myself to these days.

Still, it’s too late now. So here’s two fine songs from the London fourpiece, their second single, after “Roman Holiday” on Fat Possum and a self-released EP, which you can buy on their Bandcamp page or download for free from their Facebook page (including the fanzine!).

Which is nice.


7-inch Series, part 756 – Fanga/Alma Afrobeat Ensemble

Fanga/Alma Afrobeat Ensemble – Thiogo Thiogo/The Fight Is In The Streets (15M)
label: Enlace Funk
year: 2011 | |
side a: Fanga – Tiogho Tiogho (DJ Floro Y Ale Acosta Remix)
side b: Alma Afrobeat Ensemble Feat. Krukid – The Fight Is In The Streets (15M) (DJ Floro Y Oscar Martos Mix)

7" Series 756: Fanga/Alma Afrobeat Ensemble – Thiogo Thiogo/The Fight Is In The Streets (15M)

Great single from Spanish funk warrior Miguel A. Sutil’s excellent Enlace Funk label, released a year ago around Felabration Day (celebrating the works and life of the late great Fela Anikulapo Kuti. It’s a split between the Montpellier, France based Fanga and Alma Afrobeat Ensemble from Barcelona, Spain, each contributing one original track, remixed by Madrid DJ and radio show host DJ Floro and Ale Acosta from (among others) Fuel Fandango, and DJ Floro and Oscar Martos from Pyramid Blue, respectively.


7-inch Series, part 755 – Family Portrait

Various Artists – Family Portrait
label: Art Is Hard
year: 2012 | |
side a1: Gum – Cherryade
side a2: Playlounge – Conor, Oh Burst?
side b1: Joanna Gruesome – Sweater
side b2: KEEL HER – Norman

7" Series 755: Various Artists – Family Portrait

Great EP from the wonderful Art Is Hard Records featuring four YOUNG! NEW! EXCITING! bands. Bought it mainly because one of my colleagues plays bass in Gum, and as it turns out, their song “Cherryade” is my favourite of these four. Total coincidence, honest, guv. But the others aren’t half bad, either. It was released to celebrate the label’s second anniversary.

The vinyl comes with a download code for the release, including four bonus tracks (one of each band).
Which is nice.


7-inch Series, part 754 – Sarah Webster Fabio

Sarah Webster Fabio – Sweet Songs
label: Tramp
year: 1976/2009
side a: Sweet Songs
side b: Jujus/Alchemy Of The Blues (Instrumental)

7" Series 754: Sarah Webster Fabio – Sweet Songs

This brilliant single was a present from my main man Patrick O The Oyl Butcher, of, for all your fine clothing and vinyl. The two tracks can be found on Jujus/Alchemy of the Blues: Poems by Sarah Webster Fabio on the fantastic Folkways Records (listen on Spotify). Sarah Webster Fabio was a poetess and college professor, and very active in the Black Arts Movement. The band supporting her on these songs, and the whole album, Don’t Fight The Feeling, consisted of her children Cyril Leslie III, Thomas and Ronald Fabio, Leon ‘Denianke’ Williams, Rick Hopton, Wayne Wallace and Lawrence Vann.

Coincidentally, it was recently announced that the Black Film Center/Archive will receive a grant to preserve the documentary about Fabio, Rainbow Black: Poet Sarah W. Fabio, made in 1976 by her daughter Cheryl.


7-inch Series, part 753 – Manolo Escobar

Manolo Escobar – Mi Carro
label: Belter
year: 1969
side a: Mi Carro
side b: Brindis

7" Series 753: Manolo Escobar – Mi Carro

Another single from the set given to me as an educational present by a friend of Mrs. Lubacov (the previous one posted here being Desmadre 75), this time by the fabulous Manolo Escobar. “Mi Carro” is like “Dude, where’s my car?” (he’s literally asking where his car is), but without the ‘dude’ part. It was stolen while he was on a pilgrimage. “Brindis” (“toast”) is a toast to everything: friendship, a woman he lost, life, which has stolen everything from him, but mostly to love. Of course.


7-inch Series, part 752 – El Rego

El Rego – Se Na Min
label: Daptone
year: 2011
side a: Se Na Min
side b: E Ma Non Tin Me

7" Series 752: El Rego - Se Na Min

This 45 came as a bonus with the vinyl release on Daptone of El Rego, a highly recommendable compilation of singles by the Benin funkster and his band, put together by the great Voodoo Frank.