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7-inch Series, part 760 – Floating Points

Floating Points – For You label: Eglo year: 2009 side a: For You side b: Radiality | [audio:|titles=For You|artists=Floating Points] [audio:|titles=Radiality|artists=Floating Points] This is Sam Shepherd’s first release as Floating Points. I remember hearing it first at the Caracol venue in Madrid when my friend Señorlobo played […]

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7-inch Series, part 759 – Flash And The Pan

Flash And The Pan – Down Among The Dead Men label: Epic year: 1983 side a: Down Among The Dead Men side b: Man In The Middle [audio:|titles=Down Among The Dead Men|artists=Flash And The Pan] [audio:|titles=Man In The Middle|artists=Flash And The Pan] Two 45s by Australian studio band Flash & […]

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7-inch Series, part 758 – Fear Of Men

Fear Of Men – Mosaic label: Too Pure year: 2012 | side a: Mosaic side b: Your Side Mosaic 7" by FEAR OF MEN Another fine delivery in the Too Pure Singles Club, this time by Brighton/London band Fear Of Men. Slightly melancholic, pure pop sweetness for your […]

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7-inch Series, part 757 – Fanzine

Fanzine – L.A. label: Best Fit year: 2012 | side a: L.A. side b: Houses Fall [soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=false&color=b85cd6″ width=”100%” height=”275″ iframe=”true” /] I must have felt like I had shitloads of money on the bank when I bought this. They’re nice tunes, but not the must-have songs […]

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7-inch Series, part 756 – Fanga/Alma Afrobeat Ensemble

Fanga/Alma Afrobeat Ensemble – Thiogo Thiogo/The Fight Is In The Streets (15M) label: Enlace Funk year: 2011 | | side a: Fanga – Tiogho Tiogho (DJ Floro Y Ale Acosta Remix) side b: Alma Afrobeat Ensemble Feat. Krukid – The Fight Is In The Streets […]

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7-inch Series, part 755 – Family Portrait

Various Artists – Family Portrait label: Art Is Hard year: 2012 | | side a1: Gum – Cherryade side a2: Playlounge – Conor, Oh Burst? side b1: Joanna Gruesome – Sweater side b2: KEEL HER – Norman Family Portrait by Gum / Playlounge / Joanna […]

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7-inch Series, part 754 – Sarah Webster Fabio

Sarah Webster Fabio – Sweet Songs label: Tramp year: 1976/2009 side a: Sweet Songs side b: Jujus/Alchemy Of The Blues (Instrumental) This brilliant single was a present from my main man Patrick O The Oyl Butcher, of, for all your fine clothing and vinyl. The two tracks can be […]

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