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The “Manual de moral y urbanidad” (“morality and courtesy manual”) is a little book I found in the attic at my parents’. My stepfather is Spanish and he was handed the book when he was in primary school, courtesy of El Caudillo and the catholic church. Because we are living in times of moral decay and also because I find it hilarious, I am offering you its pages without so much as considering paying one euro dime to the ones holding the copyright to it, including an English translation of the pearls of wisdom included in the book.

You’re welcome.

Manual de moral y urbanidad #23 – Del modo de conducirnos con nuestra familia

On how we have to behave with our family 1. We have to be courteous, delicate and respectful to the members of our family, because of the love we have for them. We can be sure that these qualities will reflect on other people as well. 2. We must not […]

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Manual de moral y urbanidad #22 – Del acto de levantarnos

About getting up 1. Make a habit of getting up early. [Spanish saying] “God helps those who get up early”. 2. When we wake up our first thought has to be of God, with fervor and devotion. 3. Before we get dressed we have to wash ourselves. 4. When we […]

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Manual de moral y urbanidad #21 – Del acto de acostarnos

About going to bed 1. As a general life rule and taking care of our health, make it a habit to go to bed early. 2. Out of love, respect and good manners, say goodnight to you family before going to bed. 3. Pray devotedly giving thanks to God for […]

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Manual de moral y urbanidad #20 – Cómo debemos conducirnos dentro de la casa

How to behave at home 1. It’s necessary to have all our personal effects in perfect order, not only to be able to get to them when we need them, but also to make a good impression on our friends and family. 2. We have to take care of other […]

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Manual de moral y urbanidad #19 – Del aseo para con los demás

About how to behave with others Every person, no matter what his social status is, deserves respect. 1. A bad habit and terribly ill-mannered is to stand too close to the person we are speaking to. We have to keep in mind saliva and bad breath. 2. When we are […]

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Manual de moral y urbanidad #18 – Del uso del baño en general

About the use of the bathroom in general 1. The bathroom is where you show, first and foremost, which level of education you have. Before using it, make sure there is nobody in there. Don’t be impatient. 2. The necessities of the body are natural and necessary and to execute […]

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Manual de moral y urbanidad #17 – El aseo en nuestra habitación

Keeping our room clean Let’s not forget our house reflects our culture 1. The abode we live in, like the furniture and other objects, should always be perfectly clean. 2. The floors of every room should be clean. It’s horrible to see spittle, paper, fruit skin etc. 3. It says […]

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Manual de moral y urbanidad #16 – El aseo de nuestros vestidos

Keeping our clothes clean 1. Our clothes should always be clean and ironed, whether we’re on the street, at school, visiting someone or at home. 2. We must make sure our clothes are never dirty nor wrinkled or torn. 3. Even if we’re of financially modest origins, we must change […]

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Manual de moral y urbanidad #15 – Otros consejos sobre el aseo en nuestra persona

More advice about our personal hygiene 1. We must never use our fingers to clean our eyes, ears, teeth and nose. 2. We must never spit on the floor. 3. It is very ill-mannered to hold your hand in front of your mouth when you have to cough, sneeze or […]

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Manual de moral y urbanidad #14 – Uso del pañuelo

Use of the handkerchief 1. We have to use only one side of the handkerchief so that the other side will always be clean. 2. We should use a different handkerchief for the face and sweat. 3. The handkerchief should be folded thoroughly after wiping the nose, so that the […]

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