An attempt to cover my behind

MP3s posted on this weblog are taken from my private record collection, they’re ripped at 96 kbps and not downloadable. There will be no re-posts.
If you own the copyrights to any of the songs posted here and want them removed, please let me know by email.
I have no intention of harming your business. I’m a lover not a fighter.

And you, reader: if you like what you hear, run to your favourite record pusher and buy it. If you can’t find it at first, look for it. Crate digging is fun, and paying for music is a good thing! You should of course buy vinyl, but if you’re into CDs, or even digital files, it’s OK, I won’t tell. And if you’ve found a cunning way to download the files anyway, remember that they’re ripped at 96 kbps. Do you know what that sounds like on a proper sound system? Don’t be cheap fool, buy the music!