Zwaluw #88 – Chip Wickham Talks Blue to Red – 04/05/20

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Interview with Chip Wickham about his new album Blue To Red. Dutch language version broadcast on on May the 4th, 2020.
(Image: Chip Wickham)

Zwaluw – Intro
Chip Wickham – Route One
interview pt. 1
Chip Wickham – Blue To Red
interview pt. 2
Chip Wickham – Interstellar
interview pt. 3
Chip Wickham – Double Cross
interview pt. 4
Chip Wickham – The Cosmos
interview pt. 5 / intro to ‘Time’
Ju Par Universal Orchestra – Time
intro to ‘Hopscotch’
Charlie Rouse – Hopscotch
intro to ‘The Moving Finger’
Dorothy Ashby – The Moving Finger
Chip Wickham – Mighty Yusef

Zwaluw is a show by Arne Daneels, de Oerwout DJ, and Lubacov, broadcast Mondays from 8–9 pm on Radio Scorpio.

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