Soleado 260 – La Marcha De Los Hologramas – 14/4/15

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Señorlobo is back from the US of A and joins Lubacov at the helm of Soleado with new energy and some tunes the young people will enjoy, by such luminary artists like Jack Garratt, Ndikho Xaba, Parker Madicine, Oddience, Richard Marks not Marx, and the great Tom Zé.

Gladys Palmera
Jack Garratt – The Love You’re Given
Ari Lennox & DJ Grumble – Backwood
Parker Madicine – Carnival Into Space
Ebonee Webb – Something About You
Ndikho Xaba – Makhosi
Jorge Darden – Alone Again
Richard Marks – I’m The Man For You
Rustic Hut – Fathead Paranoia
George FitzGerald Feat. Boxed In – Full Circle
Oddience – Watermelon
Tom Zé – Dulciné́ia Popular Brasileira
John Martyn – May You Never
John Wizards – Iyongwe
Jeremy Danneman – Mutobu March
Greg Hester – Try Me

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