Soleado 251 – Don’t Joke With The Javier Mascherano – 10/2/15

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Still recovering from the rave celebrating #250, Señorlobo & Lubacov come back down to earth opening #251 with two top Brazilian tunes, followed by new sounds by Death Cab For Cutie, Souleance, Claude, Onra, a supposed tribute to the legendary Javier Mascherano by American beatmaker Chief, and a tragicomic anecdote from Lubacov’s otherwise flawless past as a ladies’ man.

Gladys Palmera
Jorge Ben Jor – Katarina, Katarina
Ed Motta – Smile
Souleance – Discocaïne
Don Chavito – Yardcore In Paradise
Languis – In The Fields Of (Lonely Fences)
Death Cab For Cutie – Black Sun
Warmth – Praise Poems
Chief – Lil’ Chief
Prequel – Searching
Shamir – I Know It’s A Good Thing
Claude – Pool Flirt
Steve Arrington – Without Your Love
The Fantastic Aleems Feat. Corky Hodges – Movin’ To The Beat
Onra – Gonna Make You Mine

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