Soleado 247 – A Pesar De Lo Que Pasa – 13/1/15

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In spite of everything that’s going on, Señorlobo & Lubacov keep playing their selection of Excellent Tunes. This week: SoulParlor, Ibeyi, Golden Bug, 7 Days Of Funk and Amerigo Gazaway’s wonderful Fela Soul project. Yes we can!

Gladys Palmera
Dusty – Seventy Three
Metá Metá – Rainha Das Cabeças
Flight Facilities Feat. Reggie Watts – Sunshine
Golden Bug – Room 666 (Red Axes Remix)
Los Ros – Cuentame Cosas Tuyas
Red Pill – All Of Us
SoulParlor Feat. Capitol A & Leona Berlin – Nostalgia
Ibeyi – River
Mini Mansions – Death Is A Girl
7 Days Of Funk – N My System
Shayna Steele – Everybody’s Cryin’ Mercy
The Gene Dudley Group – The Fawcett Negotiation
Sam Irl – Free Two Grow
Fela Soul – Still Ego Trippin’ (Soul Mates Remix)

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