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Señorlobo & Lubacov are always one step behind, but this week they are on a ROLL! Fortunately, there’s always the music, which this week comes from the fantastic Gilberto Gil, Deerhoof, Owiny Sigoma Band, The 1978ers, Chromatics and the immortal A Tribe Called Quest.

Gladys Palmera
Gilberto Gil – Palco
Karim – Flashback Hook
A Tribe Called Quest – We Can Get Down
Bart Davenport – Girl That Got Away (Peaking Lights Remix) (Radio Edit)
Fatboy Slim – Praise You
Owiny Sigoma Band – Lucas Malore (Digital Version)
Tradisyon Ka Feat. Patrick Tulippe – Ti Kou La
Third Coast Kings – Just Move
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – War
The 1978ers – FAR
Emi Rap Propuesta – No Nos Representan
Paul Lewis – Inner City Blues
Dibidim – I Woke Up
Deerhoof – Paradise Girls
Larry Sands & The Sound Affair – If I Didn’t Want To See You Anymore
R.L. Burnside – Rollin’ Tumblin’ (Remix)
Independence Ave Orchestra – Independence Ave Orchestra
Chromatics – Red Car
Pulp Disco & The Outcasts – Down & Out In Paris And Manchester (Love Story Mix)

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