Soleado 237 – Sin Comentarios – 4/11/14


You might be surprised but Señorlobo and Lubacov have nothing left to say. So they’re just playing good music (although they do comment on that), which this week comes from the capable hands of people like Steelo, Ephemerals, Monit Fiori, Wonderkiss, Wild Honey, Heliocentrics & Melvin Van Peebles, and Selah Sue. Plus, they’re giving you the heads up on Gecko Turner’s upcoming album!

Gladys Palmera
Gecko Turner – Extremely Good (TV Version)
Richard Marks – I’m The Man For You
Steelo Feat. Pete Rock, CL Smooth, Grap Luva & Rob-O – The Basement
Ephemerals – You Made Us Change
The Boogoos – Theme De Yoyo
Monti Fiori Feat. Eyal Talmudi – Cantare Surf
Ngozi Family – Kumanda Kwa Bambo Wanda
The Slingshots – She Ain’t Got No Soul
Selah Sue – Alone
Cuerda & Itay – Stretching
Wonderkiss – Won’t Lay Down
Cain – Nagan
Lone – Restless City (Head High Remix)
Ensemble Du Verre – Dance In A Ring
Sacred Shrines – Hung Up On Your Wall
Knight One – Shimmer
Wild Honey – Rogerio Duprat (Miguelito Superstar DuDub)
Peaking Lights – Everyone And Us
Heliocentrics & Melvin Van Peebles – Telepathic Routine
Flight Facilities Feat. Reggie Watts – Sunshine
Shamir – On The Regular
Work Drugs – Lost Weekend
Bonobo – Flashlight