Soleado 234 – Ojo Telescópico – 14/10/14

Señorlobo and Lubacov are lost for words when it comes to describing what’s going on with Spain’s ridiculous “government”, so let’s just say goodbye to the great great great Ginferno and play some choooooooooons, such as the new delicacies by Peaking Lights, Goat, Juanita Y Los Feos, Kindness, Caribou, Captain Planet, Jungle, and Alice Russell.

Gladys Palmera
Ginferno – Telescopic Eye
Peaking Lights – Infinite Trips
Immigrant Union – Shameless
Thee Image – Outasite
Skull Snaps – I’m Falling Out Of Love
Little Journey – Wongo
Juanita Y Los Feos – Vallecas
Hard Place – Sexy
Kindness Feat. Kelela Ade – World Restart
ARP 101 – Slam
L’Orange Feat. Meyhem Lauren & Billy Woods – Stop Growing
Caribou – Silver
Philipp Gorbachev – New Sound & Silver Symphony (Ana Helder Edit)
Captain Planet – Cicada
Iman Europe & starRo – So Cool
Jungle – The Heat (Joy Orbison Remix)
Milton Wright – Let’s Take A Break
The Baker Brothers – Love’s Attonement
Alice Russell – I’m The Man, That Will Find You
1619 Bad Ass Band – For A Taste Of Your Love
Magnum – Evolution
Goat – Hide From The Sun
Thalassocracy – Shimensoka
Isasa – Sunflower River Blues