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The first Soleado of the summer keeps celebrating the international year of Brazilian music with a tuuuuuune by Ruspo. There are other new sounds as well, by such lovely people like Allah-Las, Jungle, The Stepkids, Alex Barck, and The Kinights Of Olde. We also remember the great Horace Silver, who last week found his spot in the Elysian Fields.

Gladys Palmera

Ruspo – Brasília É Luísa
Allah-Las – Worship The Sun
The Stepkids – Wanderers
Jungle – Time
Matt Karmil – Sinkhole
Florizon – Paint My Brain
Daytona – Type Ish
Matthew Larkin Cassell – Rendezvous
Mehmet Aslan – Adimiz Miskindir
James Asher – Oriental Workload
Os Angos – Avante Juventude
Ana Tijoux Feat. Shadia Mansour – Somos Sur
Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb – Not Yet Not Yet
Alex Barck & Stee Downes – Who Do You Love?
Henri-Pierre Noël – “Afro-Funk” Groove
Change – Hold Tight
The Knights Of Olde – Capricorn Man
F.Stokes – Summer Of ’77
Mutual Benefit – Terraform
Bart Davenport – Every Little Step
Horace Silver – Wipe Away The Evil

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