Soleado 216 – Bicicletas Y Osos Panda – 13/5/14

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New CHOOOOOONS as per usual in Soleado #216, brought to you by Señorlobo and Lubacov: some of them new, like the ones by Pajaro Sunrise, Todd Terje, Quantic, and Badbadnotgood, others classic, like Timothy McNealy, Concept Neuf, or Jackson do Pandeiro, but all of them killa no filla.

Gladys Palmera

Pajaro Sunrise – Minolta (Rayko Remix)
Max Graef – Itzehoe
Essa – Well Spoken
Lffct – Television
The Kutimangoes – Slowly
Timothy McNealy – Saggitarius Black
Jamie XX – Girl
Quantic Feat. Alice Russell – You Will Return
Badbadnotgood – Triangle
Third Coast Kings – Ice Cream Man (45 Version)
Uraz Crutz Feat. Cagri Ultay – Little Ghetto Boy
Concept Neuf – The Path (Sofrito Edit)
Jackson Do Pandeiro – Capoeira Mata Um
Todd Terje Feat. Bryan Ferry – Johnny And Mary
KenLo Croqnote – Facteur Humidez
Donna McGhee – Make It Last Forever
Liam Finn – Ocean Emanuelle
Ray Lamontagne – Airwaves
Panon Promma – Mainaa Tampon Loey
DJ F – Lightyear

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