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Señorlobo and Lubacov invited the great Yuri Méndez, Jr. to their studio to give us the lowdown on his new album “Kulturkatzenjammer” and to talk about the existential doubt any independent musician in Spain might be confronted with. He also brought along a pile of records by artists who in some way have influenced him over the years, such as John Hiatt, The Stanley Brothers and Buffalo Springfield. (All in Spanish, all the time.)

Gladys Palmera

Sweet Vandals – I Got You, Man
Pajaro Sunrise – Minolta
–Entrevista Pajaro Sunrise
Pajaro Sunrise – Il Sorpasso
–Entrevista Pajaro Sunrise
Pajaro Sunrise – The Spanish Joyride
–Entrevista Pajaro Sunrise
John Hiatt – What Do We Do Now
Entrevista Pajaro Sunrise
Pajaro Sunrise – This Vision
–Entrevista Pajaro Sunrise
Pajaro Sunrise – Good To See You
–Entrevista Pajaro Sunrise
Pajaro Sunrise – Sink Or Swim
–Entrevista Pajaro Sunrise
The Stanley Brothers – Angel Band
–Entrevista Pajaro Sunrise
Buffalo Springfield – Carefree Country Day

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