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Among Brothers – I Am Certain
label: Too Pure
year: 2012
amongbrothers.co.uk | amongbrothers.bandcamp.com | facebook.com/amongbrothers

side a: I Am Certain
side b: I Do Not Believe

[bandcamp album=920800435 bgcol=transparent linkcol=4285BB size=venti]
7" Series 765: Among Brothers – I Am Certain

TPSC strikes again. Or struck, rather, as this one was released in November 2012. I’m not always in the mood for this sound, but it’s rather good. What is this, “chamber pop”? My favourite is the A-side, I like the changes, it’s a four-minute suite and it vaguely reminds me of some of my beloved Motorpsycho‘s stuff.
Which is nice.

I think this is their first release on vinyl, after a CD EP, a cassette and a digital only single.

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