Found Tape 2007

Still cleaning out my iTunes, and found another mixtape, a proper one, so to speak, with an A and a B side. It’s kind of strange because most of the tunes are easy, but there are two that are not, the Antibalas one and the last one of side B by Ark.

Oh well, I’ve uploaded them to Mixcloud, as you can see, and they’re also downloadable if you feel you need it on a proper TDK SA60 cassette. Each side is just a little over 30 minutes so you should be fine.

Side A
Side B

Found Tape 2007 – Side A by Lubacov on Mixcloud

Burning Spear – Zion Higher
Hedzoleh Soundz – Omusu Da Fe M’Musu
Antibalas – Indictment
Astrud Gilberto – Gentle Rain (RJD2 Remix)
Barry Adamson – Jazz Devil
Brigitte Fontaine – Il Se Passe Des Choses
Françoiz Breut – Une Ville Allongée Sur Le Dos

Found Tape 2007 – Side B by Lubacov on Mixcloud

Joanna Newsom – Bridges & Balloons
Emiliana Torrini – Sunny Road
Frank Sinatra – Someone To Light Up My Life
Chet Baker – Tenderly
Kid Sublime Feat. Nicky Guiland – Something About Your Love
Sa-Ra Creative Partners – NYC
Ark – Monapster