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Fórmula V – La Fiesta De Blas
label: Philips
year: 1974
side a: La Fiesta De Blas
side b: La Gran Ciudad
formulav.es | facebook.com/pages/Formula-V-Oficial/334642086559671

7" Series 761: Fórmula V – La Fiesta De Blas

Another one from the Pelayo series. Fórmula V was a band formed in 1967 by members of two other Madrid outfits, Los Rostros and Los Jíbaros. They had a string of hits in the late sixties and first half of the seventies, this particular one being their last before they disbanded in 1975. Their sound was typical for what was playing on the Spanish radio at the time: catchy, carefree, and rather harmless pop music.

Of this single I like the B-side better. In 2002 they got back together like every self-respecting band from those days, and they’re still playing all over the country.

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