7-inch Series, part 753 – Manolo Escobar

Manolo Escobar – Mi Carro
label: Belter
year: 1969
side a: Mi Carro
side b: Brindis

7" Series 753: Manolo Escobar – Mi Carro

Another single from the set given to me as an educational present by a friend of Mrs. Lubacov (the previous one posted here being Desmadre 75), this time by the fabulous Manolo Escobar. “Mi Carro” is like “Dude, where’s my car?” (he’s literally asking where his car is), but without the ‘dude’ part. It was stolen while he was on a pilgrimage. “Brindis” (“toast”) is a toast to everything: friendship, a woman he lost, life, which has stolen everything from him, but mostly to love. Of course.