7-inch Series, part 744 – Desmadre 75

Desmadre 75 – Saca El Güisky Cheli
label: Movieplay
year: 1975
side a: Saca El Güisky Cheli
side b: Tengo Una Pena

7" Series 744: Desmadre 75 – Saca El Güisky Cheli

This is one of the six or so 45s a friend of Mrs. Lubacov gave me as part of my education in Spanish pop music. It’s also one of the singles I will probably never ever play out. Ever. That’s how much of a snob I am. Apparently this is a classic in Spanish pop music from the seventies. Desmadre 75 (“desmadre” means “excess”) was a comedy band formed by students from the Complutense University in Madrid. They released two albums and two singles in the mid-seventies, this one being their biggest hit. The B-side, as you will notice, features a chorus that must have been the blueprint for Los Del Rio‘s anthem “Macarena”.