7-inch Series, part 738 – Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin – Cuando Llegue Septiembre (Come September)
label: Belter
year: 1962
side a1: Multiplication
side a2: Spring Is Here
side b1: Come September
side b2: Child Of God

7" Series 738 – Bobby Darin - Cuando Llegue Septiembre

This is the Spanish release of “Come September”, the American version of which only held two tracks, “Theme From Come September” and “Walk Back To Me”. I love those local versions of American and English releases, with the song titles translated. The instrumental “Come September” is the theme of the film of the same title featuring the wonderful Gina Lollobrigida, Sandra Dee, Rock Hudson and our hero himself.

I got this single from mrs. Lubacov’s dad, who no longer owns a record player and, in a flash of nostalgia, asked me to rip the 7″ to MP3. In exchange, I could keep the single. Good deal, methinks.