7-inch Series, part 737 – Cowbell

Cowbell – Never Satisfied
label: Too Pure
year: 2010
side a: Never Satisfied
side b: Ain’t Pretending

7" Series 737: Cowbell – Never Satisfied

Yet another winner from the TPSC, by the brilliant Cowbell this time. According to the UK twosome’s Bandcamp page, the vinyl is sold out, but you can still get it from Discogs and maybe even your favourite vinyl pusher. These two tunes have exactly the sound for me, with the right amount of dirt in the grooves. On last year’s single “Hanging By A Thread” (will be featured in this series in the future, because I haven’t bought received it yet), they sound slightly cleaner, but on the upcoming “Tallulah” (due out next week on the ever trustworthy Damaged Goods, which will also bring you their debut album Beat Stampede in October) this mistake seems to be corrected. Can’t wait to hear the album!