7-inch Series, part 734 – Civil Civic

Civil Civic – Lights On A Leash
label: Too Pure
year: 2010
side a: Lights On A Leash
side b: C27 – Live

7" Series 734: Civil Civic – Lights On A Leash

I remember the name of that place in Kilburn now! It was The Luminaire. I saw these guys at the same Chap gig, they were warming up and rocked. Civil Civic are an Australian duo based in Europe (one in London, one in Barcelona) who play, well, this music. This single was part of the Too Pure Singles Club, but they have since release a few more things: “Street Trap”, Rules (“Lights On A Leash” is on that), and “New!” (a discarded track from the Rules sessions). The studio version of “C27” was on their cassette album 1.

“Lights On A Leash” was also released as a free file by the brilliant Bad Panda label, by the way.