7-inch Series, part 732 – The Chap

The Chap – Even Your Friend
label: Lo
year: 2010
side a: Even Your Friend
side b: Friendo For Life

7" Series 732: The Chap – Even Your Friend

OK so why not use the usual player? Because I’ve posted about The Chap before, and the good people of Lo Recordings asked me to take down the MP3s. And even though the files posted here aren’t supposed to be downloadable, the last thing I want is anyone to get upset. Luckily, they’ve got the single on their Bandcamp page, so I can still cater to my hungry hordes of fans.

This one’s taken from their previous album Well Done Europe (Spotify), they’ve got a new one out this year, We Are Nobody (Spotify), which is rather good. The B-side, sung in Spanish, is exclusive to the single. I think I bought this one at the gig I attended in 2010 at a really nice venue that doesn’t exist anymore, in Kilburn, London. Don’t remember the name, but they had an official sign on the wall telling people to shut the fuck up when the band’s playing, which I found funny. I was there with my goddaughter (Dutch text, sorry), who I felt was finally ready for the Chap experience. They nailed it, she loved it. All good.

Now they need to come to Spain.

Oh, and a video!