7-inch Series, part 723 – The Bees

The Bees – I Really Need Love
label: Fiction
year: 2010

side a: I Really Need Love
side b: The Dink

7" Series 723: The Bees - I Really Need Love

About ten years ago I saw The Bees (in the US they’re known as A Band Of Bees) on telly, and I was immediately hooked. Got their first album Sunshine Hit Me, still a favourite, and after seeing them play a couple of times, I started to need a daily shot of Bees up my veins. I’ve got my addiction under control now, thank you, every once in a while I put on one of their records and I’m fine.

This one (a signed copy! a signed copy! a signed copy!) is taken from their last album to date, Every Step’s A Yes (they’re working on a new one WOO!), B-side “The Dink”, with that keyboard line so reminiscent of The Orb‘s “Little Fluffy Clouds”/Steve Reich‘s “Electric Counterpoints”, is a non-album exclusive. We love non-album exclusives, don’t we?