7-inch Series, part 720 – Banda Achilifunk & Original Jazz Orquestra

Banda Achilifunk & Original Jazz Orquestra – I Believe In Miracles
label: Lovemonk
year: 2011

side a: I Believe In Miracles
side b: No Nos Pararán

7" Series 720: Banda Achilifunk & Original Jazz Orquestra - I Believe In Miracles

Tremendous rumba versions of Jackson Sisters‘ rare groove classic “I Believe In Miracles”, and McFadden & Whitehead‘s disco hit “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” by Banda Achilifunk, a project I’ve referred to on this blog a couple of times before. Banda Achilifunk & Original Jazz Orquestra Taller De Mùsics, as the full name of the project is, is the culmination of the Achilifunk project initiated by Barcelona designer, DJ and music freak Txarly Brown, in his quest to put Catalan rumba back on the map. It started five years ago with the wonderful Achilifunk compilation, followed by remix project Más Achilifunk in 2009. Last year, the final chapter of the trilogy came out, the Gitano Real album, by a group of musicians hand-picked by Txarly Brown.

The band is a combination of gypsy musicians on one hand, the “Achilis”: Sam (from the band Papawa), Muchacho (La Troba Kung-Fú), Rambo (Sabor de Gràcia) and Jack (Rumbamazigha); and some artists from Barcelona’s thriving funk and Latin scene: Paco Manzanares (Mantecao Y Su Combo) and Lalo Lopez (Fundación Tony Manero, Chocadelia, among others). That’s the Banda Achilifunk part. The Original Jazz Orquestra Taller de Mùsics, OJO to their friends, is a group of outstanding academic musicians led by Vicens Martín. Together, they did an album of all-time rumba hits, rumbafied funk classics, and a handful of originals. These here two tracks, are taken from that album. If you ever get the chance to see these fellas play live, don’t hesitate, it’s quite an experience.