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I did a mixtape for the Oyl Butcher brothers of Morrison. Here’s what they say about it:

4848 seconds of musical oddities, heavily mixed together by the ever friendly mister Lubacov.
Currently living in Madrid, enjoying patatas bravas and the traditional siesta.

Please check his blog for Spanish spoken radioshows, life lessons and his daily 7 inch series.
He’s known for mixing funk / soul 45s but this time he went digging in the other room.

Alela & Alina – Matty Groves (2009, Alela & Alina 10″, Fargo)
Gary Higgins – Thicker Than A Smokey (1973/2008, Red Hash LP, Nufusmoon/Drag City)
Zipper – Let It Freeze (1994, Zipper LP, Way Back Records)
Gonjasufi – Cowboys & Indians (2010, A Sufi And A Killer LP, Warp)
Las Grecas – Orgullo (1974, Orgullo 7″, CBS)
Funkadelic – I Bet You (1970, Funkadelic LP, Westbound)
Jimi Hendrix – Angel (1971, The Cry Of Love LP, Polydor)
Linda Perhacs – Paper Mountain Man (1970, Parallelograms LP, Kapp/Guersen)
Caravan – Place Of My Own (1969, Caravan LP, Verve Forecast)
Q65 – We Are Happy (1970, Afghanistan LP, Negram/Mandrax)
Motorpsycho – All Is Loneliness (1993, Demon Box LP, Voices Of Wonder)
The Pyramids – Manitou (2007, The Pyramids LP, Domino)
The Pink Mountaintops – New Drug Queens (2006, Axis Of Evol EP, Jagjaguwar)
Petch Pintong – Soul Lum Piern (2010, Thaï Beat A Go-Go LP, Subliminal Sounds)
Ersen – Sor Kendine (2008, Ersen LP, Finders Keepers)
The Allman Brothers Band – Whipping Post (1969, The Allman Brothers Band LP, Capricorn Records)
Woodsman – Balance (2010, Mystery Tape LP, Lefse Records)
Abdul Hussein Khan Shahnazi – Homayoun (2009, Open Strings LP, Honest Jon’s)
Camarón – La Leyenda Del Tiempo (1979, La Leyenda Del Tiempo LP, Philips)
Spacemen 3 – Repeater (1991, Losing Touch With Your Mind… LP, Munster Records)
Moondog – All Is Loneliness (2004, The Viking Of Sixth Avenue LP, Honest Jon’s)

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